Getting Fat on Low Fat Raw – Here’s Why

There’s a myth in the raw food world that I want to dispel. And I want to dispel it because I might have had something to do with propagating that myth long ago. Though I’m not nearly the only one. … Continue reading

Hiking up a Beautiful Mountain Trail in Boquete, Panama

Here’s a little slice of life from our Raw Family while visiting here in gorgeous Boquete, Panama. Where we’re staying is about 3,500 feet above sea level. And we actually live on a steep hill which goes much higher. I … Continue reading

Feelin Like an Icicle on Raw? Here’s the Solution

I heard it snowed again about a foot where I live in New Jersey and 21 inches in New York City. I feel for you guys and feel lucky to have escaped most of the frigid temperatures myself. And if … Continue reading