Eating Champedak and Eggfruit in Our Raw Thanksgiving in Hawaii

This video was the first one of three videos we took during our Raw Thanksgiving Dinner here in Hawaii. We show you what we have ‘baking’ in the oven (including a breadfruit and more) and then we eat some delicious … Continue reading

Big Muscles Gratitude Sale

In case you didn’t see my last email (see it here: we’re running the day after Thanksgiving — Big Muscles Gratitude Sale. Otherwise known as a Black Friday sale. The Lightning Speed Fitness Program and the Push-up Blaster program … Continue reading

He’s Strong But Couldn’t Put on Big Muscle

Yesterday we had a lovely Thanksgiving here in paradise otherwise known as Hawaii. We had a bunch of great people over who just love eating tropical fruits of all kinds. I have three more videos to share with you from … Continue reading

See Our HUGE Hot Tub-Aquarium-Pool in Hawaii

Aloha, In the video above we’re showing you this humongous geo thermal pool / aquarium on the Easternmost tip of the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s about as big as 2 olympic sized swimming pools. And it’s right by the … Continue reading

How To Avoid Nude Airport Scanning and Radiation

NOTE: This post is a public service message, not the kind of topic that I usually write about, but this is very important for you, your family and friends to know. Because it’s forced radiation from x-rays that can contribute … Continue reading

Chocolate Pudding Fruit in Hawaii – Chocolate Sapote

In this video I cut into a chocolate sapote or black sapote fruit while enjoying our stay here on the big island of Hawaii. I also show a number of other fruits that we’re eating including champedak, abiu, atemoya, papaya, … Continue reading

Crucial Stews Deadline: Only 4 Copies Left

I just wanted to give you a quick heads up on our Savory Veggie Stews 2000th Sale Celebration. The discounted price of Savory Veggie Stews is about to go up as we approach the 100th sale. We’ve sold 96 copies … Continue reading

We’re Going to Hawaii, Can We Meet You?

We’re going to spend a month on the big island of Hawaii and we’d love to meet you if you live there or plan on taking a trip to Hawaii during the month of November. I can’t wait to go. … Continue reading