P… Increases Your Power To Attract

The thing that makes me just about happiest in life is increasing my Magnetic Power. I’d rather do that then go on vacations and do recreational stuff. And if you’re into health, well being and uplifting the people around you, … Continue reading

How to Radiate POWER

Youth & Speed Special Ends: Friday 8pm Eastern Time Get the Youth Restorer MP3 Program as a bonus ($30 Value) when you order the world famous “Lightning Speed Fitness Program.” http://LightningSpeedFitness.com ============================================== “How to Radiate POWER” Hi Roger Have you … Continue reading

Why Reading Books Can Delay Success

Here’s a phree Magic Idea from my paid Magic Ideas Newsletter as a special gift to you my blog readers. I believe it will help you double, triple or even quadruple the speed at which you reach your most important … Continue reading

Want to Be In My Book?

As you may know I publish “The Magic Ideas Newsletter.” I’m taking a compilation of the best Magic Ideas and turning them into a published book that will be put into print. How would you like to be a contributor … Continue reading

The Ultimate Visualization Secret

It hit me like a ton of bricks on that crisp fall morning.  I believe I’d discovered the ultimate secret for magnetizing the Law of Attraction made famous by the movie "The Secret." In an instant I realized that The … Continue reading

The Real Secret To Making Success Fun

When I was in high school and college I used to hate writing. I saw no benefit in it whatsoever. I even dropped my political science major in college because I dreaded the thought of writing papers. In elementary school … Continue reading

The Master Key That Unlocks Huge Potential Instantly

Many years ago I discovered that there’s one master key to any kind of self improvement. Without changing this, nothing changes and you can’t possibly grow. But very often when you change this hidden factor your world can improve by … Continue reading