Beat the Heat with Homo-Ice Coolant

Man are we having a HEAT WAVE here in NJ and in the North East. Luckily for me I have a built in Homo-Ice Coolant System. What do I mean? Well let me tell what I did yesterday in the … Continue reading

Why Canadians are Slimmer than Americans

On my recent trip to Toronto, Canada I noticed something very interesting. The people in Toronto are significantly thinner than the people in the United States and especially what I see in New Jersey. Canada is very much like the … Continue reading

Why the Sun Can Make You Young

Doctors and the main stream media are always scaring people to death about getting any direct sunlight. You must protect yourself with ridiculously high sun blocks that actually turn out to be toxic. Get out of the sun if you … Continue reading

Powerful Candida Killer You’ve Never Heard Of…

I just had to share this with you before I burst. If you’ve been suffering with candida but haven’t been able to handle it, boy is it your lucky day. To make a long story short, recently I’ve met a … Continue reading

Hiking up a Beautiful Mountain Trail in Boquete, Panama

Here’s a little slice of life from our Raw Family while visiting here in gorgeous Boquete, Panama. Where we’re staying is about 3,500 feet above sea level. And we actually live on a steep hill which goes much higher. I … Continue reading

The “Stick to Your Ribs” Dinner Fruit

For the last two nights I’ve been enjoying eating a fruit I only ate once before in the United States. They grow in Florida and I believe you can get them at some stores in the United States. Certainly some … Continue reading

My All-Time Favorite Fruit… You’ll Never Guess

I’ve tried many delicious fruits over the years since I’ve been 100% raw but none of them do I like as much as the one I eat virtually every single day. The only time I don’t eat this fruit is … Continue reading

We meet the Costa Rican Hugh Hefner

When we were in Costa Rica on our recent vacation we ran into a very interesting 67 year old grandfather who was having a mid-life crisis… a little late in life. Actually, it was more like a constant party that … Continue reading

Why I’d rather be home than in Panama

“Yes Mr. Trump” and why I don’t like vacations… (In this post “another long one” I reveal a little more about Panama, Costa Rica and traveling while on a Raw Food Diet. We made MANY mistakes on our trip that … Continue reading