2 Tennis Legends Go Raw: I Predict Their Top 5 Cooked Opponents

Have you heard the news that pro tennis legends Venus and Serena Williams made it their new year’s resolution to go on a Raw Food Vegetarian Diet? I congratulate them whole heartedly on their decision to go for optimal health … Continue reading

What’s the Raw Eagle Principle?

Cooked food addiction is one of the toughest to beat. It’s not just because cooked food is addictive. It’s not just because you have lifelong emotional associations to eating cooked food. It’s not just because there’s a constant barrage of … Continue reading

Watch Me Smash His False Belief About Protein and Energy

The video above is a compilation video with my new buddy Dave from Grants Pass, Oregon. He’s a customer of mine that I ran into at the Grants Pass Grower’s (Farmer’s) Market. He has tried going raw on his own … Continue reading

Feelin Like an Icicle on Raw? Here’s the Solution

I heard it snowed again about a foot where I live in New Jersey and 21 inches in New York City. I feel for you guys and feel lucky to have escaped most of the frigid temperatures myself. And if … Continue reading

Darth Vader “Steams” the Raw Food Movement

Lately there have been some dark forces gathering and secretly plotting to destroy the Raw Food Movement from the inside out. Maybe it’s Darth Vader or his Sith Master – Lord Palpatine manipulating former Raw Food Gurus over to the … Continue reading

How to Deal With Emotional Detox

This is a Raw Food Diet related question I received via email from one of my Lightning Speed Fitness Program customers. I was going to answer it on my teleseminar last week but didn’t have the time. So I’m answering … Continue reading

Re: Raw in 2 Seconds

Did you know that the very mechanism that keeps you addicted to cooked food can also set you free of cooked food addiction? Every single one of us has incredible power that we’re already using every single day but doing … Continue reading

Famous Dr. Claims Raw Diet Leads to Malnutrition

I actually know many doctors who believe this to be true. Even two famous doctors I highly respect otherwise and whom I’ve mentioned before on my blog. But the truth is these doctors haven’t studied raw food nutrition enough to … Continue reading