It’s My 9-Year 100% Raw Anniversary Special

On August 29th, 2001 I had my last cooked food meal before committing to the Raw Food Diet. I went out to a Thai Food restaurant because Thai was my favorite cooked food. The next day I went on a … Continue reading

Beat the Heat with Homo-Ice Coolant

Man are we having a HEAT WAVE here in NJ and in the North East. Luckily for me I have a built in Homo-Ice Coolant System. What do I mean? Well let me tell what I did yesterday in the … Continue reading

Grows Blubber Rapidly: Ain’t Calories

There’s a surprising thing I learned long ago that makes people put on the whale blubber rapidly even while watching their calories. Yes indeed there’s another factor besides eating excess calories that can make you overweight or even obese. The … Continue reading

Why the Sun Can Make You Young

Doctors and the main stream media are always scaring people to death about getting any direct sunlight. You must protect yourself with ridiculously high sun blocks that actually turn out to be toxic. Get out of the sun if you … Continue reading

a REAL Superfood Found in Yer Supermarket

** Savory Stews Summer Solstice Special ** Get Karmyn’s 10 New Raw Summer Recipes FREE Deadline: This Friday, June 25 at 9pm EDT (GMT-4) Check out the P.S. of this email for a listing of recipes included. ============================== “Here’s … Continue reading

Amazing Raw Synchronicity Story

Before I share this amazing story I want to share with you that I got a lot of fantastic responses to yesterday’s email “How to KNOW Truth – My Shocking Story” Thanks for all of your supportive comments, sharing … Continue reading

Great News – Your Infinite Self is Awakening

I have some extremely exciting and important news for you. You are starting to awaken to your Infinite Self and full potential. That is if you haven’t already done so. And it’s not only you, but everyone around you and … Continue reading

When Eating Gobs O’Fat Is Where It’s At

Even though Hawaii is part of the United States they didn’t let us bring back any fresh fruit on the plane. We expected to be able to eat the fruit on the plane. But they had some kind of agricultural … Continue reading

Melissa still thinks I stink…

Here’s a comment I received from one my subscribers. I didn’t post it; instead, I decided to use it as the subject for this quick blog post. Melissa’s comments are referring to my previous and highly read blog post: You’ll … Continue reading

You’ll laugh at why I haven’t done my laundry in nine months…

This is very embarrassing to admit, but I haven’t done any laundry in about 9 months. In fact, I regularly take about 6 months these days before I do my laundry. My house is a mess too… but that’s another … Continue reading