Dr. Weston Price Says to Eat Meat – Should We?

Just got this email in today from Malena wondering why I don’t include small amounts of animal foods in my diet. I’ll be answering Malena’s questions within the body of her email. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ question Hi, I’m just wondering why you … Continue reading

The “Stick to Your Ribs” Dinner Fruit

For the last two nights I’ve been enjoying eating a fruit I only ate once before in the United States. They grow in Florida and I believe you can get them at some stores in the United States. Certainly some … Continue reading

“Let them eat cake”

A famous quote attributed to the queen of France, Marie-Antoinette when the people had no bread to eat. In my case, I was thinking something along the lines of this: "Let them eat bananas" And that’s how I felt about … Continue reading

How To Go Raw

The other day I received a question from one of my new subscribers. She wanted to know where to go to get more information from me on the question of "How To Go Raw." I suppose it can be difficult … Continue reading

Will This Make Me Too Muscular?

Here’s a great question I got recently from one of my customers. It’s a fairly common one I get from women and I’ll cover it below. hi roger– i thought the information in the ‘Cocainercise’ was really good.  a quick … Continue reading

Bring Chemical-Free Young Thai Coconuts to the U.S. East Coast

My buddy Ken Lyle (Dr. Doug Graham’s webmaster and boy genius) is involved in a great project to fight the corrupt food giants who can’t do anything without spraying toxic nerve gas on your foods. Up until now, you couldn’t … Continue reading

Re: Controversial Raw Food Guru Gets Picked Apart & Interrogated Tonight…

A number of people contacted me that they couldn’t find the archive link for Dave Klein’s interrogation (interview) of Dr. Douglas Graham. Well it wasn’t exactly an interrogation, but Dave certainly gave Doug lots of tough questions to answer regarding … Continue reading

Incredible Raw Food Diet Resources

This page is dedicated to the top raw food diet resource websites that I know of. While not all of the sites follow a low fat or Optimal Raw Food Diet approach, I think you’ll benefit from them. Sites with … Continue reading