And the Winner of Membership Is

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Meat Head Dope Challenges Me on Raw Food Diet…

I can’t wait to tear this dope apart. This troll was trying (rather poorly) to disprove the raw vegan version of the raw food diet by his questions. It was obvious from his questions that he didn’t want my help. … Continue reading

Where’s the Proof That “Cooked Food” Creates Health?

Where are the studies proving that eating cooked food is better for you than eating raw food? I’d like to know that. Below I answer two more questions from my Question Time post. Still got way more to go. ==================== … Continue reading

12 Intriguing Raw Food Diet Questions Answered

See the 4 Sources of Cooked Food Cravings and Much More You’re about to discover twelve proven strategies to make it easy to enjoy going, staying and succeeding with the 100% Raw Food Diet. I think you’re going to learn … Continue reading

Which of these 9 misconceptions are killing you slowly?

Thank you for taking the time to come up with all of these great raw food diet questions. I look forward to answering them as best I can for you. I didn’t expect to get so many. Because there are … Continue reading