Raw Mistake Cost Med Student His Life

Below I received a frantic question and shocking story from one of my email subscribers. ===== Dear Roger I need help answering some questions. My family want me to give up on raw diet claiming its too risky for more … Continue reading

Can I Help?

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Another Way to Melt Fat Without Trying

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It’s My 9-Year 100% Raw Anniversary Special

On August 29th, 2001 I had my last cooked food meal before committing to the Raw Food Diet. I went out to a Thai Food restaurant because Thai was my favorite cooked food. The next day I went on a … Continue reading

Tastier Than a BLT Sandwich

A few evenings ago I introduced Karmyn to a raw food she’d never eaten before. I had a feeling she’d REALLY like it. Actually she’d eaten it before but in a different form that has a completely different texture. When … Continue reading

Why I ate a Pastrami Sandwich Last Night

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, me Roger Haeske a long time raw foodist eating a cooked and meat containing pastrami sandwich. But what I meant to say is that I ate a Kastrami sandwich. This is the raw vegan … Continue reading

Broke Man’s Lavish Donation Unlocks GREATEST SECRET

I think you’re REALLY going to enjoy this. It’s a bit long but WELL worth reading. Pay attention because I’m going to show you how to get a fantastic book by Joe Vitale for phree called, “The Greatest Money Making … Continue reading