Emails of Light

Emails Of Light

I was doing my daily spiritual exercise a little while ago when I asked how I could serve Divinity. And guess what was the first thing that came up in my awareness?

“I should write emails of Light.”

So let me start today’s email with a tip about this so called “Light”.

I can send you this Light because I can see and feel it flowing through me right now as I type. And what I’ve found is this.

The more you spend time in the Light, the more wisdom and understanding of yourself and the Universe you get.

And if you infuse yourself day and night with this Light you quickly start to become a powerful Human Angel.

In other words… if you want the greatest gift in life then spend as much time as you can with and in “The Light.”

To me the LIGHT is from God and how God communicates with us.

The LIGHT is also loaded with POWER!

You can experience greater light and Divinity simply by spending time with REAL spiritually minded people. Not necessarily people who push their religious beliefs on you because many of them have little awareness of the Light. If their spiritual knowledge is mostly from books and not personal experience then they’ve not yet had a true connection with Divinity.

I’m talking about spending time with people of genuine spiritual experiences, knowledge and insights. People who know God or Divinity on a somewhat intimate basis.

Of course, you don’t have to be with them in person. You can read their books or writings to absorb their vibrations. This is why I love reading highly charged spiritual books and do so daily.

You can visit their websites too.

And you can read their emails and blog posts. (If they’re still alive in a human body and or someone put up a website for them.)

Just by spending time reading their writings you can absorb their vibrations. And this in turn will lift you up.

This very blog post is being BLASTED with INCREDIBLE LEVELS of LIGHT. There is a BIG change happening on the planet right this moment and it’s coming from the inside out.

I’m very deliberately infusing this writing with the energy of light, love and freedom.

Yes it’s very real not just a light but the LIGHT.

If you tune into it you may even be able to feel or perceive it.

My experiment for the coming week and month is to deliberately infuse all of my emails to you with as much light as possible. And this will even be in emails where I’m selling something.

Of course, I only sell or recommend resources that I believe will improve your life.

And yes I’m going to be deliberately infusing my products including the new, improved and expanded “Think and Go Raw 3” with this Light.

So see if you can feel a difference.

Let me know if you can feel the Light in this writing by posting in the comments section below. My hope is to help my readers to awaken to their Divinity and unlimited potential simply by reading my emails.

And if you can’t feel it that’s perfectly fine to.

This is just an experiment.

Hopefully one I continue for many years to come.

My mission is to help you (humanity) to improve yourself and for everyone to realize their true connection to Divinity.

Once you truly realize your Divinity and that God rules over the Earth not our corrupt governments then you can gain freedom from these oppressive regimes because you are more powerful than they are.

You can become a law unto yourself.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 48-Year Old Teanajer”
Master of Health, Fitness and Self-Improvement

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