We meet the Costa Rican Hugh Hefner

When we were in Costa Rica on our recent vacation we ran into a very interesting 67 year old grandfather who was having a mid-life crisis… a little late in life. Actually, it was more like a constant party that … Continue reading

Why I’d rather be home than in Panama

“Yes Mr. Trump” and why I don’t like vacations… (In this post “another long one” I reveal a little more about Panama, Costa Rica and traveling while on a Raw Food Diet. We made MANY mistakes on our trip that … Continue reading

MacGyvered our way to Panama

(This is a long post – just warning you. If you’re interested in travel to Costa Rica, Panama and living in the tropics this blog post might be  interesting to you as you learn from our misadventures.) Wanted to let … Continue reading

When Eating Gobs O’Fat Is Where It’s At

Even though Hawaii is part of the United States they didn’t let us bring back any fresh fruit on the plane. We expected to be able to eat the fruit on the plane. But they had some kind of agricultural … Continue reading