When I Gave Up On Raw Food

Brainwashing and lying is rampant in our culture. In this audio I tell a story about when I struggled with staying raw. You’ll get to see many of the false beliefs I had at the time that were making it … Continue reading

Nature Food & Your Infinite Power – RAMA Interview

Nature Food & Your Infinite Power – RAMA Interview I just finished up the “Nature Food and Your Infinite Power” interview with my raw food buddy Rama. This is a continuation of my “10 Years Raw Anniversary Celebration.” Rama is … Continue reading

Greatest Idea My Parents Taught Me About Health

I just wanted to share with you something my parents taught me about health that has molded and shaped my entire life. Without this precious gift I could have destroyed my health. Unfortunately I’ve seen this happen to so many … Continue reading

My # 1 Strategy for Going 100% Raw…

Want to discover my # 1 strategy for going and staying 100% raw? Then come and listen to me live Tuesday evening (5/6/08) as my friend Dr. Dave Klein founder of Living Nutrition magazine interviews me on the Raw Health … Continue reading

Re: Controversial Raw Food Guru Gets Picked Apart & Interrogated Tonight…

A number of people contacted me that they couldn’t find the archive link for Dave Klein’s interrogation (interview) of Dr. Douglas Graham. Well it wasn’t exactly an interrogation, but Dave certainly gave Doug lots of tough questions to answer regarding … Continue reading

Could Your Mind Be Keeping You Fat?

Could your mind be tricking you into staying fat? Below you can listen to my special audio recording which will debunk five common myths related to exercise. Don’t let negative self-hypnosis ruin your life. Some of What You’ll Learn on … Continue reading