When I Gave Up On Raw Food

Brainwashing and lying is rampant in our culture. In this audio I tell a story about when I struggled with staying raw. You’ll get to see many of the false beliefs I had at the time that were making it … Continue reading

The Only Solution to All Emotional Problems

Dare I be so bold? Is there really a single solution for all emotional / psychological problems and phobias? From my perspective there’s only one problem in life. And this is something anyone who’s ever had a BOTHERSOME problem has … Continue reading

How to Beat Radiation from Japanese Nuclear Fallout

Ever since this horrible Earthquake / Tsunami / Nuclear Disaster in Japan has been going on I’ve been doing research on what kinds of things people can do to protect themselves from the radiation that might blow over to Hawaii … Continue reading

Raw Diet Cost – Why Raw Diet is Affordable and at Times Dirt Cheap

If you are wondering how much would it cost to go raw diet then you might be surprised that in most places the cost is reasonable and affordable. I am assuming that you are going to consume the “Low gourmet” raw food diet which is composed of whole fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

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Going Raw is Easier Than you Think

Going raw means that a person decides to eat more quantity of whole fresh uncooked foods than they have consumed before. As long as a person has this mind set of eating some raw foods and is looking forwards to eating more fresh raw foods than this to me means that the person is going raw.

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Can arthritis be reversed? – Yes it Can, Here is How People Have Reversed Theirs

I have seen it with my own two eyes. If you are wondering about “ Can arthritis be reversed? ” then the answer to this is, yes it can. I was interning and studying in a fasting heath center for … Continue reading

Forbidden News Update 12/27/10

A change of pace today. Here’s some vitally important news you may not have heard about if you only watch mainstream sources of news. And yet surprisingly two of the stories below actually made it to T.V. “Price of Gasoline … Continue reading

Eating Champedak and Eggfruit in Our Raw Thanksgiving in Hawaii

This video was the first one of three videos we took during our Raw Thanksgiving Dinner here in Hawaii. We show you what we have ‘baking’ in the oven (including a breadfruit and more) and then we eat some delicious … Continue reading

How To Avoid Nude Airport Scanning and Radiation

NOTE: This post is a public service message, not the kind of topic that I usually write about, but this is very important for you, your family and friends to know. Because it’s forced radiation from x-rays that can contribute … Continue reading