Dreary Day Rescue System

I can’t stand this time of year here in New Jersey. The days get so short; the temperature gets colder and colder. But the worst thing is the lack of sunshine. For the last 1.5 months or so there’s been … Continue reading

Kung Fu Coffee Vitamin Zaps Afternoon Fatigue…

Several months ago, I stumbled upon an amazing technique that explodes energy levels and completely eradicates afternoon fatigue and grogginess. But I also discovered something even more incredible… By using this totally natural and healthy alternative to coffee, I was … Continue reading

Get A Natural High In 2 Minutes With Your Hands…

Get a natural high in two minutes by writing down about 10 words on your to do list. So go ahead, what are you waiting for.  Every day write down at least three things you want to spend two minutes … Continue reading

5 Ways to Melt Fat While Watching T.V. or Sleeping…

I’m going to show you five ways to burn off excess pounds and increase your metabolism. This means that you’ll be burning extra fat even while you are sleeping or watching T.V. and all throughout the day. When you start … Continue reading

Super Fitness Without Working Out… Is It Possible?

You’re missing 100’s of opportunities to exercise during the normal course of your day. With what I’m talking about you don’t have to put on workout gear, use any exercise equipment or even get on your hands and knees. In … Continue reading

Sloth Does 1,050 Pushups Without Breaking A Sweat

Here goes that lazy old sloth again doing something crazy. The sloth in this case happens to be me. Today I did over 1,000 pushups. The first 1,000 took me less than 15 minutes to do and never did I … Continue reading

Works Better Than Coffee To Wake You Up… Completely Natural

There’s a way to feel wide awake and perform at your highest mental and physical level possible without the negative side effects of drinking coffee. In fact, I’ve had to use it the last three days because I’ve slept much … Continue reading