I couldn’t believe she followed me to the beach

Our tiger kittyJust a little while ago something really precious happened to me.

An experience I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

A stray kitten we’ve recently befriended actually followed me to the beach and watched me feed the seagulls.

On January 13th we had a small kitten, orange and tiger looking (maybe 6 months old) who was meowing to us right near our apartment and obviously hungry. But we didn’t have any cat food.

Sasha meowing probably wanting some food.

Sasha meowing probably wanting some food.

But of course, we went and got some cat food. And no it was not raw. Feeding a cat raw food is an ordeal in itself.

However, we figured we’d at least keep her from starving.

In any case we fed the cat and have been feeding her ever since.

Well for some reason this kitten who we’ve now called Sasha really adores me. And yet I’ve spent the least time with her out of the family because I’m so busy working. For some reason she just feels super safe with me. She loves Karmyn and Andrew too but is a bit afraid of my daughter Rainbow. Cats often fear noisy and unpredictable young children.

For instance if we want to get her to the house it’s most effective if I call her name because then she will come. No one else quite has this effect on her.

I had been thinking in recent days that wouldn’t it be great if she could hang out with us at the beach.

Because in the past the only place we’d see her is right near our apartment. We feed her but until recently she always stayed outside our apartment.

Well this evening we just got back from our beautiful local beach and estuary but I wanted some more beach time while I ate some oranges. So I went outside and saw Sasha there.

Sasha had already eaten and was full.

Sasha eating while Andrew and Rainbow enjoy her company.

Sasha eating while Andrew and Rainbow enjoy her company.

I petted her and started walking to the beach in my sandals. She by the way likes my feet and sometimes rubs her head on them.

Well as I walked past our pickup truck she went under it and I figured that maybe she’d just stay there.

But no she came out and into the open street with me. Actually she likes walking right in front of my feet so I have to be careful I don’t step on her or kick her.

Gradually we walked to the beach. I was totally stunned that she followed me all the way over there. I thought she would have bailed long before that.

As we got there she found herself a nice hole in the sand and started digging. Then she plopped herself down in her freshly dug hole and went shi shi. Then she took a quick smell of it and then promptly buried it (and I love this about cats).

Then I kept on walking past this fence which is next to a house. It’s a small walkway where you can fit a car and enter the beach area. She walked all the way to the end of the fence. I petted her there and then I continued on to get closer to the shore.

She was having a grand ole time there rolling around on the sand.

So I just went on my own, opened up the container that had my oranges and started eating them. It was just past sunset and there were still some seagulls left over.

So I took parts of my oranges and started feeding them. After a while I had a whole swarm of white seagulls flying over me and catching orange pieces in the air or grabbing them from the rocks I’d also put them on.

And the whole time Sasha was observing this feeding frenzy.

After about 5 minutes or so she decided to join me. So my seagull friends being careful decided to fly a bit higher and be more cautious because a cat was around.

In any case, to make a long story short, Sasha was scared away by dogs three different times. But she always stayed in close enough view so she could see me. And then she’d come back down again and join me at my feet on the beach.

Well I finally finished my oranges and my hands were dirty from the juice of the oranges. So I went down to the sea water (which is relatively warm for this time of year) and I washed my hands. Well wouldn’t you know it, Sasha even came down to the water line and hung out with me on the wet sand.

This was a touching experience I’ll never forget. I can feel the love she has for me and it makes me feel great.

I love being able to connect with animals.

Well guess what happened next?

I was done with the beach put my sandals back on and she followed me all the way back home. Again walking right in front of me and staying close by all the time. I pet her several times on the way to reassure her.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this neat experience of love between me and a small tiger colored cat named Sasha. We’re becoming very attached to her and don’t know what we’ll do when we go back to the states.

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