This Aged Me 10 Years Overnight

A few years back I did something one afternoon and evening that made look and feel 10 years older the next morning. And this is something you may be doing every day of your life that’s making you look prematurely … Continue reading

Can I Help?

Savory Veggie Stews 2000th Saleabration – [79 Sold] Price To Increase After 100th Sale Use Discount Code: “2000” Without Quotes at Checkout Go to and save BIG =============================================== I have something absolutely mind blowing to give you. Please be … Continue reading

P… Increases Your Power To Attract

The thing that makes me just about happiest in life is increasing my Magnetic Power. I’d rather do that then go on vacations and do recreational stuff. And if you’re into health, well being and uplifting the people around you, … Continue reading

Two Ways to Get Ripped by Writing

I bet you didn’t know you could melt excess fat by writing but it’s true. Just so you know, I’m not talking about doing some kind of crazy writing exercise with your pen that makes you sweat. Though I’ll have … Continue reading

Want to Be In My Book?

As you may know I publish “The Magic Ideas Newsletter.” I’m taking a compilation of the best Magic Ideas and turning them into a published book that will be put into print. How would you like to be a contributor … Continue reading

What I Do When I Don’t Feel Like Exercising?

You know sometimes, I just don’t feel like exercising. I may not have slept enough the night before, other times I just don’t feel like it because I was working all day on a major project. Some days the desire … Continue reading

Why the Farg Can’t I Stop Eating?

“How I Actually Removed the ‘Physical Desire’ to Eat an Avocado Late Last Night with my Imagination” “Or: How I Filled up my Stomach with IMAGINATION Instead of Avocado” Doesn’t it really annoy the living crap out of you when … Continue reading

Raw in 2 Seconds

Is there a way to trick your mind into wanting to go on a Raw Food Diet? Can it be done in only 2 seconds? I’ll answer these questions with a story. A couple of weeks ago I realized that … Continue reading

Will This Make Me Too Muscular?

Here’s a great question I got recently from one of my customers. It’s a fairly common one I get from women and I’ll cover it below. hi roger– i thought the information in the ‘Cocainercise’ was really good.  a quick … Continue reading

The Easiest Way To Break A Bad Habit

Two days ago I was re-reading Frederic Patenaude’s book The Raw Secrets. I read the captivating introduction which was largely Frederic’s raw food diet experience in the raw food capital of the world. That really got me juiced up. Then … Continue reading