The “Stick to Your Ribs” Dinner Fruit

For the last two nights I’ve been enjoying eating a fruit I only ate once before in the United States. They grow in Florida and I believe you can get them at some stores in the United States. Certainly some … Continue reading

Criticism of Me & Savory Veggie Stews

Ever since I first came out with Savory Veggie Stews I’ve been getting criticism from people who’ve never even tried it. I got criticism in some of the raw food forums and sometimes with emails directly to me asking me … Continue reading

The Absolute Easiest Way To Go Raw

I have a secret I want to share with you. Just a few days ago I realized something really interesting. Something that makes it nearly impossible for me to want to eat cooked food. This is the absolute easiest way to … Continue reading

How To Stop Cooked Food Cravings In 30 Seconds

The other night I was doing a Raw Food Diet consultation over the telephone. I was describing to this lovely woman the REAL source of cooked food cravings. Cravings are almost always triggered by your HABITUAL THOUGHT PATTERNS. They’re not … Continue reading

Amazing Red Fruit Tastes Like Steak…

Do you want to know about the most amazing tasting fruit? Actually it’s often considered a vegetable but biologically it’s a fruit. When food tastes this good why would you want to eat cooked food. Usually I add this red … Continue reading

Add this ___ and going Raw will be automatic and immediate

What is the missing ingredient you need to add to make going and staying 100% raw effortless? If you had this one idea being raw would be your only desire for a diet and you’d never even consider going back … Continue reading

Imagine… You a 100% Raw Superbeing… Effortlessly

What is the missing ingredient to going and staying 100% raw effortlessly? If you had this one idea being raw would be your only food preference and you’d never even consider going back to your old cooked food days. You … Continue reading

More Raw Wars: Comment Frenzy and Thank You

Thanks for all of your comments and support. The Raw Wars post has had the highest readership ever of any of my raw food diet related posts. Also never have I received so many comments in such a short time. … Continue reading

Surprisingly They Chose Cancer, Depression, Obesity & Death Over This Pleasurable Activity…

Do you have any idea of how important food is to you? And if you still eat cooked food, do you have any clue how important cooked food (or what I’d call "cooked matter") is to your life? I remember … Continue reading