Challenges Pupi and I Faced Climbing Mt. McLoughlin

This past Wednesday my father (I still call him Papi but we pronounce it like the word pupi as in a puppy dog) and I got up at 5:15am in the morning in preparation for climbing Mt. McLoughlin in Oregon. … Continue reading

3 Second Abs at 28,000 feet

You know how tired and stiff you can feel after a long plane flight? Well you can say good-bye to that feeling forever. I’m on vacation right now visiting my father. We have several challenging adventures planned ahead of us. … Continue reading

3 Second Abs Disappearing

I believe I’ve come across the greatest ab exercise in history. I find myself doing 3-Second Ripped Abs all day long in all kind of weird situations. It’s the best because you can do it anywhere, at any time and … Continue reading

3 Second Abs Robs the Bank… Washes the Dishes

Yesterday I drove to the bank on a gorgeous summer day and went in to cash a bunch of fraudulent checks. After a while I realized that this was taking waaay too long. The teller was verifying all my signatures … Continue reading

3 Second Abs In Bed

Pay close attention! You try to take care of yourself, don’t you? Then you’ll want to jump on this opportunity to have a strong and sculpted upper body and washboard stomach in less than 10 minutes a day. You’ll get … Continue reading

Tennis and 6-Pack Abs in Piscataway…

The Secret To 6-Pack Abs That Almost Nobody Figures Out About 10 days ago I went to play tennis in my old neighborhood tennis courts in Piscataway, NJ. By the way, if you want to see me in person, try … Continue reading