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Savory Veggie Stews 2000th Saleabration – [79 Sold] Price To Increase After 100th Sale Use Discount Code: “2000” Without Quotes at Checkout Go to and save BIG =============================================== I have something absolutely mind blowing to give you. Please be … Continue reading

18 Ways To Feel Like SUPERMAN

I hope you’re having an amazing day. I want to share something really cool that inspired me today. This morning I just finished doing my Push-Up Blaster routine and I thought to myself I really feel like Superman right now. … Continue reading

“How I REVERSED Sunburn AFTER I Got Burned

and Eliminated Muscle Soreness from Grueling Workouts” I was on a great wild dolphin boat tour in Maui with Karmyn and Andrew and I noticed that my chest was starting to get sunburned. The problem for me with sunburn is … Continue reading

Running Nakid in the Public Library – Tales of No-No B___

No-No Boy running and smiling on the basketball court. The other night I was at the public library with my girlfriend Karmyn (a.k.a. Nakid Mellons) and her 2-year-old son– otherwise known as No-No Boy. Both of them are 100% raw … Continue reading

Roger and Rama are Instant Juicing on TV

Do you remember my recent post entitled Rama’s Magnetic Miracle Juice? Well today I’ve uploaded a video interview with Rama in which we demonstrate the easiest, quickest and in my opinion healthiest way to juice. Rama also shares how the … Continue reading

2nd Illogical Factor That Explodes Energy Levels

Here’s another mind-blowing idea for increasing your energy levels. And it’s another way that defies logic, science and common sense. But if you do this, I think you’ll find yourself as excited and energetic as a Mexican Jumping Bean. At … Continue reading

Illogical Secret Factor Explodes Energy Levels

If you believe in science it would seem that the more you exercise the less energy you’ll have during that day. After all you’re expending calories and your energy comes from calories only. Or does it? I’ve come to believe … Continue reading

Kung Fu Coffee Vitamin Zaps Afternoon Fatigue…

Several months ago, I stumbled upon an amazing technique that explodes energy levels and completely eradicates afternoon fatigue and grogginess. But I also discovered something even more incredible… By using this totally natural and healthy alternative to coffee, I was … Continue reading

Works Better Than Coffee To Wake You Up… Completely Natural

There’s a way to feel wide awake and perform at your highest mental and physical level possible without the negative side effects of drinking coffee. In fact, I’ve had to use it the last three days because I’ve slept much … Continue reading