Screw What the Sheeple Think

Conformity to society will absolutely destroy you.

Most people these days are like quiet little sheep that will go wherever they are lead without questioning.

Even if they’re being led over a cliff.

The truth is that the greatest destroyer of mankind is conformity.

This is why BILLIONS of people on this planet are suffering. Because they don’t have the balls to stand up for themselves and do what would bring them true happiness. They can’t escape the “Group Trap” as Harry Browne would call it.

Case in point.

Earlier today I was taking a walk to the park.

Yet I was walking barefoot.

And it was rather cold and windy outside today. At least for this part of Arizona.

Well I had one Yahoo (in the front passenger seat) yell at me from her car saying to put on my shoes. When she got closer she roled up her window in fear. And that’s not the first time I’ve had someone tell me that I need to put on my shoes.

What these morons don’t realize is that by their conformity of wearing shoes everywhere they go they’re destroying their own health in multiple ways.

Whoever came up with the ideas of shoes has brilliantly fleeced people of billions of dollars and of their health and happiness.

Of course, I could give a rat’s arse what she thinks.

I’m not writing this email to vent because she told me that. I’m writing to vent because you very likely need to hear the straight truth from me.

And then a few days ago I was again walking barefoot in the park and was at a playground when a mother of four boys asked me if my feet were cold. I said “No, they’re quite warm actually.”

Of course, hers was an honest question and likely not a criticism.

But I can almost 100% assure you that if I proved to her without a shadow of a doubt that she would never get sick again if she walked barefoot as much as possible she’d still not do it. She’d be too afraid of what the other sheeple would think of her. Afterall, not a single other soul is walking barefoot in this park. And especially not in the wintertime.

If you want to be truly happy and healthy in life you very often must do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

You just can’t be worried about what ignoramuses think.

Do you know how many times a cashier in a supermarket asked me what I’m going to do with all of those bananas?

Do you have monkey’s at home?


Do you plan on making banana bread?

Luckily for me, my willpower and individuality is so strong and natural I almost never get anyone trying to seriously challenge me. My energies are way too powerful for them to even think of challenging me. Because I know what I know and I project that confidence with raw power and the people around me can feel it like the heat of the Sun on a 115 degree day.

So what if I don’t eat cooked food?

Should I sacrifice my happiness, health and youthfulness just so that I can continue to eat the cooked food that my father, grandmother and uncle are still totally destroying themselves with?

The problem is that so MANY raw foodists end up going back to cooked food for that very reason. They’d rather destroy their own health and happiness just so that they can live with in harmony with the other sheeple in their lives again.

For me that would be the destruction of my life. I’ll never go back to that way of living again.

Conformity to society will absolutely destroy you.

You’ll have the lifeblood sucked out of you. By the time you hit 50 you’ll be too old to exercise and to old to lose the 40 extra pounds that have mysteriously just shown up on your body.

I mean what the hell were you thinking letting yourself turn into a phat pig like that? Were you asleep?

My questions of course go out to the thousands and thousands of overweight and obese people I see every single day of my life.

Ah yes… you were a sleeping sheeple and it’s ok to put on 40 extra pounds because all of the other silly sheeple at that age are doing it. It’s normal to be phat at 35, 40 and 50 years old. I just want to be like everyone else.

Wake up mister and misses sheeple… just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it’s good for you. For most normal people are total failures in the art of life.

To have true happiness you must be willing to give up the approval of any and all people.

And trust me you’ll be way happier than any sheeple could ever possibly be.

The rewards of perpetual youth, superior energy and infinite bliss cannot be experienced by mere sheeple. It’s impossible for them to enter the kingdom of BLISS because their shepherds secretly don’t want that for them.

Speaking of which, my “Lazy Pig System 10” fitness program has pissed off a whole bunch of people as well.

Some of them are offended that I’d dare use the derogatory term “Lazy Pig”.

I don’t hear any pigs complaining.

At least pigs are not as foolish as these idiotic, politically correct sheeple.

And then there comes the time when you finally start doing your Lazy Pig workouts. You’d better either do them at home without any prying eyes or get ready for the personal trainer at the gym to come over to you and tell you his “better” way of exercising.

Many times at the park I’ve had people wonder about my workouts.

They think it’s too easy.

They say to themselves I can do more chinups or pullups than you.

That I can’t possibly get much out of such a lazy workout.

But those ignorant people would be very, very wrong. They don’t have any clue what I’m doing or what my system is. And even if I explained the science behind it to them they wouldn’t do it because that’s not what they’ve been taught about fitness and that guy at the park (me) must be an eccentric quack.

If you’d like to start 2017 with a BIG (non-conformist) BANG then may I suggest you check out “Lazy Pig System 10” before our 30-Day Challenge starts on January 2nd.

And when you can completely give up conformity, you’ll finally find your true freedom and happiness. Never succumb to the ignorant opinions of society because virtually everything you’ve been taught has been designed to make you sicker and stupider while the elite rob you of your very last penny.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 49-Year Old Teanajer
The Raj of Raw and Sultan of Savory – Over 15 Years 100% Raw
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet, Anti-Aging and No-Equipment Fitness Training”

P.S. Think the Raw Food Diet is hard? Think again… Savory Raw Carbs gives you a whole bunch (23 actually) of new delicious and filling foods you can eat raw. Makes cooked food cravings a thing of the past.

Now the Raw Food Diet is not only the healthiest diet in the world but also the tastiest.


Our Barefoot Mountain Climbing Adventure at God’s House

We climbed the Cathedral Rock Trail in God’s House (Sedona, Arizona) totally barefoot.

Well I just had to share this with you.

Firstly, what is God’s House?

Well I can describe it to you with this quote that I think I read from a writer at New Yorker Magazine.

“God built the Grand Canyon but he lives in Sedona.”

I did something today I NEVER expected that I would be doing. I climbed the rocky and steep trail up Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona barefoot. And so did Karmyn, Andrew and Rainbow.

I’m so proud of myself and my family for having done this. For I have not been Mr. barefoot for most of my life.

In fact, yesterday I climbed up Cathedral Rock with Andrew and Rainbow but Andrew and I had hiking boots on. But Rainbow went barefoot.

Her feet are so strong that she can sprint on rocks. Same with Andrew.

So we figured we’d try going a very small part of the way barefoot. To both Karmyn and my astonishment it was not that painful. So we went all the way up to the top barefoot even though we had brought some shoes in case we couldn’t. And we came all the way back down barefoot. I’m sure once Karmyn and my feet get used to it we will find that hiking barefoot is far superior to using hiking boots.

Coming down my feet started hurting more than on the way up. But I still did it all the way.

We were barefoot hiking for 3 hours and 15 minutes. And were the only humans that we encountered that went up barefoot. And there were a lot of people climbing the trail that we passed. We did see two dogs going up barefoot.

I tell you it made for a fantastic conversation starter to hike up there barefoot as a lot of people wanted to know more about the family that hikes barefoot.

It was a majestic experience and the beauty of Cathedral Rock and Sedona is incredible. My video camera does not even come close to doing it justice. It just doesn’t capture the colors and beauty that you actually see with the naked eye when here.

So why go hike barefoot and why is it important to you?

1. Because of the incredible healing effects of Grounding or Earthing. If you want to have better sleep, reduce inflammation, heal chronic injuries, gain protection from excessive electromagnetic frequencies and just have better health and happiness overall then you’re going to want to start grounding as soon as possible.

And try to get in a minimum of 20 minutes per day. Yesterday I got close to 4-hours of Grounding due to the long hike and other Grounding opportunities and I slept like a baby as a result. Yes if you have insomnia it might indeed help you to fall asleep much easier.

To me that’s felling two mangoes with one stone. I’m always looking for opportunities throughout my day to Ground. As my feet get stronger I’ll be able to do way more things barefoot.

In fact, I’m totally shocked I was even able to do this. Maybe the fact that there are strong vortex points at Cathedral Rock made it easier for me to take the pain of walking barefoot. Of course, had I been walking barefoot all of my life this would not have been a problem but over the years I have developed wussie feet which leads me into the next reason for hiking barefoot.

2. Because wearing shoes is the equivalent of wearing a cast. It makes your feet really weak. So I’m trying to undo 48 years or so of wearing casts on my feet. For the last year or so I’ve been barefoot more often than not. And so I’ve been gradually strengthening my feet.

I have intentionally walked on rocks and more painful stuff at the beach to try and gradually harden my feet up. But only for like 10 to 15 minutes at a time and certainly not every day. But this was my most intense trial yet.

It’s the following day and my feet are still sore. So I don’t think I’ll do that hike again barefoot today. But I think by tomorrow my feet will be totally pain free and I’ll also have a lot tougher feet so I can do that same climb again even easier.

We’re all very much looking forward to more barefoot hiking in the years to come.

By the way I think you’ll find this interesting.

My 5 year old daughter Rainbow used to hate hiking when she used her hiking boots. It was like she constantly wanted me to carry her. She’d walk a minute or two and then want me to carry her. And carry her I did for much of our previous hikes.

But once we took the boots off of her and just let her go barefoot she was EXTREMELY happy, willing and eager to go on long hikes without me having to pick her up at all. She went all the way up the Cathedral Rock Trail by herself two times. It’s a short hike (takes me about a half hour with my shoes) with a steep 600 foot elevation change. There are a number of times where you’re climbing rock and using your hands too.

Rainbow just never liked wearing shoes (or clothes for that matter) and so she was very uncomfortable with when we put the hiking boots on her.

Do you know how much money I can save if I don’t have to buy the kids and myself shoes anymore?

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 49-Year Old Teanajer
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet, Anti-Aging and No-Equipment Fitness Training”

P.S. If you’d like to take your health to an even higher level than Grounding can achieve or then I recommend you try experimenting with a Raw Food Diet. Raw Food is like an extension of Grounding or getting attuned to Nature.

And the easiest way to go raw is to love what you eat. Once you discover the wide variety of Savory Raw Carbs foods and the Anticraver Secret Recipe I think you’ll see that your cooked food cravings are a thing of the past.

In fact I just got this email in the other day with yet another Anticraver testimonial.

Hey Roger,

Just writing to let you know that I’ve started making some variations of the “Anticraver” recipes, with (blank) being the main ingredient. The (blank) really are an “anti-craver”, I didn’t know how filling they could be if you eat them in large quantities! Next thing I’m gonna try out is making the savory flat bread.

Mike Price

Introducing Savory Raw Carbs


[Amazing 30-Sec Workout] Gets you in better shape than 75% of your neighbors

Do the above workout at a steep hill or sand dune near you for 20 to 30 seconds just once per day for 30-days and you’ll easily be in better shape than 75% of Americans. Yes at least 80% of Americans are overweight and only about 25% of Americans exercise just a few times a week. Yet even the ones who do exercise a few times a week are largely doing long, slow and boring aerobic programs which are far inferior to the fitness, fat burning, energy increasing and health building benefits of doing hill sprints.

Do that same workout 3 times a day or for a total of one and a half minutes or just 90 seconds and you’ll easily be in better shape than 85% of Americans.

Now double up on that workout and do it six times a day for a mere three minutes of exercise per day and you’ll be in better shape than 90 to 95% of Americans by doing just three minutes of intense exercise per day.

How much quicker and easier can it be to get in great shape?

Of course, if you’re out of shape you’ll have to start very slowly. Even doing one of these at full intensity may not be possible for you at the moment. But it doesn’t mean you can’t work your way up to doing them.

For instance you can try just walking up the hill or the sand dune at first. Or maybe just walk up part of the hill when your first starting.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer



Andrew Blows Away Taunting Mexican Boys in Feat of Strength & Endurance

“Andrew Blows Away Taunting Mexican Boys in Feat of Strength & Endurance”

My unofficially adopted son Andrew had a major awakening a few evenings ago.

Here’s what happened.

We went out as a family about 45 minutes before sundown to the incredible sand dunes at Playa Algodones here in San Carlos, Mexico.

And I’ve made it a custom to do hill sprints on these sand dunes.

I mean, as soon as I saw these incredible sand dunes I realized I had fitness gold here. Not only was this fantastic for doing hill sprints but I could do the hill sprints bare foot and therefore was getting the healing benefits of Grounding or Earthing at the same time.

That’s a total win win for me.

Well the kids really loved running up and down the sand dunes as well. Karmyn wants to do them too but she’s been having some knee pain lately (possibly due to her oxalate sensitivity) so she’s had to hold off until that heals.

This time out was our third time there and when we arrived there were about five Mexican children who were hanging out at the sand dunes as well.

As far as I could tell they were all thin. Though supposedly the oldest boy was a little on the overweight side. But not really phat at all.

Anyways, we all started doing our sprints and I suppose the Mexican boys were observing us from afar.

Well when I was gone with Karmyn doing some beach clean up and picking up pieces of broken glass on the sand dunes it appears these Mexican boys decided to challenge Andrew. (Yes the beaches here are loaded with pollution and broken glass that we routinely pick up. Unfortunately the culture in Mexico seems to encourage polluting. The average Mexican [certainly not all] has no conception of preserving the beauty of nature.)

In fact, at least one of the boys spoke to him in English saying something like “do you want to race?” and then saying after that “I’m going to beat you.”

Well they all started running up the sand dune but they were so tired out less than half way up that they couldn’t make it all the way up. In fact, Andrew was able to take it easy and beat them by jogging up (even though those kids had a head start up the sand dune).

Those boys were all struggling to get up. Pushing each other on their butts to try to force up their brothers further up the slippery dune. But from what Andrew told me they never even made it to the top. It was way too difficult for them to make it up even just once.

Yet by the time Andrew had raced them he’d already run up and down the sand dunes at least four times in the previous half hour. And he’d already done his full workout earlier in the day which was pretty intense as well.

Then the Mexican kids father tried running up the sand dune and he went like ten steps or so and then just gave up. It was much too difficult for him.

Afterwords I arrived and saw the father filming Andrew at the bottom of the sand dune as Andrew was running up the sand dune on his own. This was after his boys had been thoroughly trounced by Andrew.

I can’t tell you how incredibly happy Andrew was that he could beat these boys up the sand dune. I mean he was just grinning from ear to ear. Never before in his entire life was he so happy that he was a raw foodists. (And I was really happy for Andrew as well.)

The thing is that Andrew doesn’t really know how good he has it. Up until this point he had almost no clue.

And that’s because he lacks the contrast in experience to demonstrate to him how much better off he is by eating raw.

He hasn’t for instance been to gym class to compare himself to other boys and girls his age. And that is because he is home schooled.

So when he so easily beat these boys of which some of them were likely older than Andrew he was amazed.

He finally started grasping the advantage he has by eating a mostly Raw Food Diet. Because when you eat raw one of the first things that happens is you actually clear out your lungs.

In Andrew’s case he really didn’t need to do that because he’s been eating mostly raw his entire life.

But for me when I was in my early twenties I noticed something when I went to play basketball at open gym at Piscataway, High School.

I would be running and or sprinting up and down the court and then spitting up mucus that was stuck in the bottom of my lungs. That’s how I know for sure I had a thick coating of mucus in the bottom of my lungs.

Then in my first month of going 100% raw I was constantly spitting out mucus. To the newbie he might assume that eating raw produces a lot of excess mucus or flem in the body. But he’d be wrong.

In fact, my body finally had enough energy (due to a dramatically lower toxin load) to expel the mucus that had been in my lungs for most of my life. Even at five years old I noticed that I started having problems breathing as well as I used to. Only after being 100% raw did I finally feel the incredible pleasure of taking a full deep breath.

Yes you can and will breathe deeper and better when eating a raw vegan diet. It gives you advantages in so many departments of life. But one of those departments is definitely athletics.

People who eat raw naturally have greater endurance than people who eat cooked food. Yes a change in diet can dramatically improve athleticism. Eating raw “properly” also helps you become resistant to hot weather and it helps keep you super hydrated.

Plus the body is built with stronger building materials and is much less susceptible to being injured.

So many professional athletes are falling apart as they hit 30 years old. That would not be happening if they ate 100% raw the way I teach.

Now getting back to Andrew.

This experience was a total awakening to him. He just never knew (due to a lack of real world comparison) how many advantages in life he had due to eating raw.

His trouncing of the Mexican boys up the sand dune increased his desire to be raw but also increased his desire to continue exercising and to do more of these sand dune hill sprints. I mean he’s finally starting to “get it” for the first time.

It’s not just me telling him and explaining to him. It was with his own experience. And that was a lot more powerful for him.

He simply doesn’t know what he’s been missing.

I mean he’s never gotten seriously sick in his entire life. And now that we have our Flummunity Protocol we just don’t get colds or flues anymore at all.

This is all the fun stuff Andrew has missed out on:

* Never had an ear ache.

* Never had infections.

* Never took antibiotics in his entire life.

* Never was vaccinated.

He simply has no clue the childhood misery he’s been missing.

Even before we discovered Flummunity his colds were nothing compared to what Karmyn and I experienced as children. When you have colds on a Raw Food Diet they’re generally a lot less intense and don’t last that long either.

But also, he hasn’t had deep interaction with kids who eat cooked food. Yes he’s had friends who eat cooked food. But it’s not like he went to school and competed against others his age. He hasn’t spent all day with them day after day and month after month.

He just doesn’t realize how much happier he naturally is than boys and girls who eat cooked food.

Then again, I also did not know from first hand experience how bad it is to take drugs and how it can destroy your life either. Sometimes you just have to trust your parents.

When my parents told me that if I took drugs I could easily become addicted to them and destroy my life I decided then and there never to take drugs in my life. Same with smoking.

I mean, I wanted to be an athlete, so why would I ever start smoking. And I was shocked to see later in high school that some of my fellow athletes started smoking.

What idiots “I thought to myself.”

Anyways, I hope what I’ve written here helps you realize how going raw gives you BIG TIME advantages over the average person. By comparison you’ll be a Superbeing.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer
Your Raw Food Diet Mentor
The Savory Raw King



Why 4-Year Old Rainbow was Able to Climb to the Top of Tetakawi

Last Friday the 13th (5/13/16) my 4 year old daughter Rainbow did something pretty incredible. So did my 9 year old son Andrew but because he’s older it was not nearly as challenging for him.

She came with us and climbed all the way to the very top of a beautiful twin peaked mountain here in San Carlos, Mexico called Tetakawi.

Yes of course, she had our assistance.

But if you know anything about 4-olds you’ll know that they don’t like to walk long distances. And trust me this was way more difficult than walking 10 miles. And how many 4-year olds do you even know that will do that. Even with Rainbow it has been difficult to get her to walk long distances.

Now this climb up Tetakawi is not even a beginner climb for adults. Actually I’d say it’s on the advanced side.

It is quite steep and there are many places where you have to climb up rocks and cliffs. And it is very scary at times too because we are often close to cliffs and sheer drops. Just some of which you can see in the video at the top of the page.

Normally when I climb mountains going down is about 3 times faster than going up. Because you mostly just walk down and walking downhill takes a LOT less effort than walking uphill. But not so with Tetakawi because you have to climb down much of the top third area of the mountain. It’s not as simple as just walking down.

It’s like a cat easily climbing a tree but having a very hard time coming down.

So even on a good day this is a challenging climb for adults no less a 4-year old.

And to make things much tougher we climbed in the middle of the day when the temperature got to as high as 95 degrees. And it’s a dry heat which makes you a lot more thirsty.

And we did not bring nearly enough water. (Near the top Andrew miraculously found a bottle of water but that’s a story for another day.)

And yet Rainbow still managed to climb all the way to the top. Tetakawi is a difficult 1,300 foot or so climb.

Even yesterday we were at the house of a couple that we are friends with. We invited them to climb with us but the hubby didn’t want to do it. Now he’s a great guy and about my age. But he’s a bit on the overweight side and so something like this would have been a major physical challenge for him. So much so that he didn’t even want to consider it.

Why was Rainbow able to do it when the thought of it scared a grown man?

How was she able to withstand the heat and the very challenging (aerobically) climb?

She was able to do this because she eats a mostly RAW VEGAN DIET.

And honestly eating a nutritionally balanced Raw Food Diet gives you superpowers compared to the average person.

One of those super powers is extreme resistance to heat. Another is the ability to hold your water in your body similar to a camel.

And so what would have been next to impossible to achieve for most other 4 years olds was quite doable for my daughter Rainbow. Yes she did complain from time to time going up that she was tired and that she needed a break and that even she wanted to go back down again.

But we took our time and took breaks. I did whatever I could to block the sun away from Rainbow. And then we’d move on.

At first we weren’t even planning to go all the way up. At least not all of us. I might have continued up myself if Rainbow or the rest of the family got too tired.

Eventually we got higher up and the wind was kicking up in speed while the temperatures where cooling and we finally hit the shaded area. When we did Rainbow was full of joy as she really enjoys climbing. She was having the time of her life and loving the adventure and beauty of it.

But had we been eating cooked food she just would not have had the natural endurance she already has. And she would have been a lot more thirsty. The average person who eats dehydrating cooked foods with sodium in it would have needed triple the water we did when climbing up the challenging Tetakawi.

We know this because we have lived in the very hot and extremely dry Arizona and see how much more water cooked food eaters need than us. They’re always talking about the ridiculous amounts of water they need to drink. Well we need to drink a lot less because we hold our water much better because we’re getting Nature’s structured water from high water content raw fruits and vegetables.

For some reason the human body absorbs water from raw fruits and veggies much better than it does by drinking water directly.

For instance, I can go outside for over an hour in 115 degree heat with less than 10% humidity and even do a workout at the park and not drink any water whatsoever. I did that many times at our local park in Arizona.

Eating water rich raw fruits and veggies is WAY better for lasting hydration than drinking tap, filtered or reverse osmosis water. They just don’t compare. Of course, we still drink water when necessary but need to drink a lot less than the average person who eats the poisoned crap they call food.

So in a sense I and we have super human powers compared to cooked foodists. But that’s because when you eat cooked food you’re literally tearing down your own body and putting things in there that just don’t belong.

By eating cooked food you’re literally handicapping yourself and thinking that the taste is worth it. But that’s the delusion of the addict.

Being raw gives you so many advantages over someone eating cooked food.

If more people understood how easy it is to go raw when done properly and how enjoyable it is they’d give up cooked food in a heart beat. Because how can you even call it food when it’s actually poisoning your body, making you weaker and making you unhappy?

Remember… You are what you eat.

If you eat cookies you’re turning your body into a cookie body. And as you know cookies crumble.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer
Your Raw Food Diet Mentor
The Savory Raw King

P.S. A vitally important secret to succeeding with the Raw Food Diet and doing so without willpower is having food for dinnertime you absolutely adore. That’s because dinnertime is when the strongest cooked food cravings come up in at least 98% of the people I’ve coached.

I recommend having 3 to 5 raw (and low fat) savory or dinnertime recipes mastered before you even try going raw. That means you should make each recipe at least 10 times to get a sense of mastery.

And I think you’ll really love our new “Beefy Bone Builder Stew” (I’ve made it over 100 times) which we’ve recently added to the Savory Veggie Stews program.

In my opinion Savory Veggie Stews makes it at least twice as easy to go raw because you’ll actually feel satisfied after dinner without resorting making yet another fat laden guacamole.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Ok, I have been contemplating going raw for quite some time now, but was never sure how to go about it. I have made many green smoothies but, frankly, the thought of drinking my way raw wasn’t all that appealing. I also bought a raw “cook” book, but the recipes were so involved with all the soaking and pre-planning that went into them that I considered them too complicated and time consuming.

Then, I found your site about Savory Vege Stews and that got my attention, so I decided to purchase the recipes. At first I was afraid to try them, although I purchased all the ingredients and also the chopper. I was afraid they wouldn’t be as good as you kept saying they were. Sorry. I am skeptical. But today I made my first SVS the Pizza Variety. DELICIOUS!!!! My husband even tried it. He concurred. Ok, I’m sold and on my way to becoming 100% raw.

Thanks Roger.

Karen Firestone

I just made my second savory veggie soup. The first one I followed Rogers instructions and was more than delighted, it really hit the spot for something savory and chewy after a day of eating only fruit. The second I did from memory and made a few additions to my likeng, I also warmed it up to about 100 deg. F. which for me rally improved it and enhanced the flavor quite a bit. Nice on a cold winters evening.

Peter Walmsley

I’m a 2-year colon cancer survivor. Eating raw seemed a natural healing choice, and I have loved the journey. Recently I’ve struggled to stay about 90 -95% raw. I found SVS two days ago. What a difference, in both my mental attitude and in palate satisfaction! I’ve had several variations of SVS by now, and am totally satisfied and confident that this was the next step for me. Thank you for easy-to-follow directions and suggestions. Guess what I’m taking to our Raw Potluck next week??!!

Candy Stauffer

Hi Roger, Naren here, I just wanted to make this audio as a way of thanking you wholeheartedly for sharing your Veggie Stew recipe with me.  Before, before I learned it one of the biggest problem I had with the raw diet was having to eat tons of vegetables on a daily basis.  And so what I would do is try to make these massive salads everyday, because I knew I had to get calories in.  I would add nuts and seeds and sauces just so they would taste good.

The problem was they didn’t taste good.  Even if I was adding all of these different things, the quantity I had to eat was just crazy so I could get the number of calories I needed.  And so what I was doing is eating this out of willpower, not because I really, really enjoyed it.  And after a while I gave up because I thought, you know, food is all about enjoying life—I mean the fast food I really enjoyed, and when I got your recipe I was kind of taken back by the claims you made because I didn’t really believe them.

How can you get simple vegetables and blend them together, you know tomatoes.  I can even remember the first time I made it and followed through your recipe after getting it.  Put the tomatoes in, put the cucumbers in, put the celery in, I was like, you know, this stuff tastes really bland by itself, I mean how is it going to taste amazing?

Really skeptical even as I made it, and I thought, you know what, I’m probably going to be asking for a refund real soon because this isn’t going to taste good.

And when I had the first spoonful, Roger, I was taken back! Seriously, um, no lies it was amazing to taste and I didn’t even make the best one.

I remember it was kind of runny, and I didn’t really use the best vegetables, um, some of them were kind of almost on the verge of being out of date and but I was just kind of so so eager to make it because I just bought the recipe.

And now of course I use organic stuff and I use different kinds of vegetables, I have my own ways of changing the recipe, but even that first time I tried it it was so amazing so I just wanted to thank you for sharing an amazing recipe that has really changed my life.

It’s given me something that tastes so amazing, and just changed the way, the way I view raw food.  It tastes so good, I know I keep saying that, but listen you have really changed my life, you have helped me find a way of eating that is so beneficial.

And you know, just life in a bowl, is what your stews are to me.

So thank you again Roger.  Take it easy.

Naren Wadvana

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He built an Atlas-like upper body in 30-days, with 1-exercise

…and you can do the same in less than 15-minutes a day.

A lot of my male friends ask me how I built such a powerful upper body.

Roger Haeske - The Eternal Teanajer

Roger Haeske – The Eternal Teanajer

When I tell them the simple exercise I use, they’re usually stunned. It’s just not what they expected.

“That’s TOO EASY,” they say.

Did you know that you can totally transform your upper body in 30-days just by doing one type of exercise?

Of course, you have to do it the right way as I explain further below.

I remember reading about a guy in the military who was out of shape and overweight but morphed himself into a Greek God in about a month or so of doing just one exercise.

His motivation?

He was about to leave the Army and see his young bride for the first time in a very long time. And quite frankly he was embarrassed because he didn’t think she would even recognize him due to how overweight he’d become.

Of course, he did this single exercise many times throughout the day (about 1,000 per day) in the form of mini-workouts that lasted about 30-seconds.

Personally, I can do 1,000 reps of this magical muscle building exercise in less than 15-minutes of exercise time.

Even better is that you can do this just about anywhere, for it’s a traditional calisthenic exercise that doesn’t require weights, clunky exercise equipment or a gym membership.

This is one of the main exercises of pro football great and Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker.

And this dude is a total stud.

He’d often do 2,000 of them or more per day. In fact, he’s in such good shape that at the age of 49 he became a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

Woody Strode a former professional wrestler and actor with an incredible physique claimed that he put on 20 pounds of muscle via doing 1,000 of these per day.

So… what is this magical exercise?

It’s the common push-up or press-up. Now you know why the military emphasizes push-ups so much.

Because they work dang well my friend at not just building lots of muscle but real world or functional strength.

And push-ups don’t just build up your chest.

A push up workout exercises a tremendous number of muscles. All the arm muscles are worked and they’re especially good for triceps development. Certainly the shoulders get a fantastic workout.

Believe it or not the abs get a great workout as well by just doing lots regular push-ups with strict form.

Trust me if your abs are not in good shape you’ll feel it in your abs after a day of doing 500 push ups.

The back and core also get a great workout from doing push-ups because you have to keep the core perfectly stable on each push-up.

Here’s a list of the most of the muscle groups that get worked.

1. chest
2. triceps
3. shoulders
4. abs
5. upper back
6. lower back
7. core (spinal erectors)
8. thighs
9. hands
10. fingers
11. forearm
12. wrists
13. and even your feet

Push ups are compound movements that use many muscle groups at once. Compound muscle exercises like push ups save you a boatload of time over isolation exercises because you work many muscles at once.

If I had to have only 1-upper body exercise to use it would definitely be push-ups.

And if you use my new “Push-Up Blaster Plus” workout — you’ll also be building your lung power and aerobic fitness at the same time.

If you want to build a Greek God or Goddess like body, I recommend you do anywhere from 200 to 1,000 or more push-ups a day. It won’t take that long at all, once you can do high repetitions of 30 to 50 or more in a row as part of the workout.

If you’ve been struggling to do 25, 50 and even 100 or more push-ups in a row, I think you’re going to absolutely adore my new and improved “Push-Up Blaster 2.0” program. This is the fastest system I know of for cranking out pushups with ease.

And it’s on MEGA-SALE during our Pre-Launch. About 50% cheaper than the original Push-Up Blaster program if you get it before the price increases at midnight tonight Eastern time.

I struggled for years just trying to be able to do 50 push-ups in a row. No matter what I tried my progress was super slow. But with this system originally inspired by Jack Lalanne I soon was cranking out more than 100 push-ups in a row.

Alright my friend, you now know a brain-dead simple way to get super strong, sexy, build a Herculean Physique and trim the phat at the same time.

There’s no other exercise in the world that can match the magical push-up for creating a Greek God Body in record time.

Now get down and give me fifty.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer