Feelin Like an Icicle on Raw? Here’s the Solution

I heard it snowed again about a foot where I live in New Jersey and 21 inches in New York City. I feel for you guys and feel lucky to have escaped most of the frigid temperatures myself. And if … Continue reading

Christmas Coupon – Toasty Warm (Raw) Winter Recipes

Have you tried going raw in the wintertime and felt cold doing so? Have you also found the lack of variety in terms of fruits daunting? If so then I have some "out of this world" fantastic news for you. … Continue reading

Raw GIANT Captured in New York…

Look at how big this monstrous Raw GIANT is. Here I’m doing a five minute video with Arnold from Arnold’s Way in Pennsylvania. In it I share some of the ways the Raw Food Diet improved my life. I bet … Continue reading

Videos After Dr. Graham’s Raw Food Diet Talk in NYC

The 41-Year-Old Teenager Caught on Video for the First Time Here are a few of the videos I took in NYC after attending Dr. Douglas Graham’s Raw Food Diet talk in Bonobo’s Restaurant in New York City.   In this … Continue reading

Which Raw Diet Shrinks Muscles but Can Pile on Pounds?

How To Gain Muscle On A Raw Food Diet Below I’ll reveal which kind of raw food diet is the worst for building muscle and which raw food diet is the ultimate natural body building diet. There’s a huge fallacy … Continue reading

More Raw Wars: Comment Frenzy and Thank You

Thanks for all of your comments and support. The Raw Wars post has had the highest readership ever of any of my raw food diet related posts. Also never have I received so many comments in such a short time. … Continue reading


There is a hidden war going on within the Raw Food Community. Most people who are into learning about raw foods are not aware of it and that is to their own detriment. Strangely enough, even some of the leaders … Continue reading

Re: Controversial Raw Food Guru Gets Picked Apart & Interrogated Tonight…

A number of people contacted me that they couldn’t find the archive link for Dave Klein’s interrogation (interview) of Dr. Douglas Graham. Well it wasn’t exactly an interrogation, but Dave certainly gave Doug lots of tough questions to answer regarding … Continue reading

Controversial Raw Food Diet Guru Gets Picked Apart & Interrogated Tonight…

This is going to be awesome and better yet, FREE! Listen in tonight at 9pm Eastern time and 6pm Pacific as my "raw food father" Dr. Douglas N. Graham author of The 80/10/10 Diet gets interrogated by another friend of … Continue reading