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Let’s continue to examine the irrational fears being spread about fructose. They’re stirred up by so called health or nutrition gurus –actually no-clue-roos who are ignorantly (or intentionally) demonizing fruit. This email is from one of my customers. ===== Subject: … Continue reading


Can You Get “Super Sized” on Fruit? Check out his 75-day experiment

Here’s some documented proof from Andrew Perlot that one can gain excess weight by eating unlimited quantities of fruit.

What a great experiment. Kudos to you Andrew.

For years I’ve been talking about this big misconception or wives tale in the current raw food movement. So many people have been fooled into believing this lie. Only to realize that they’re getting fat by stuffing themselves with 3,500 calories per day when they really only need 2,500 calories per day.

What I’m amazed at is still how many “Raw Kool-Aid” drinkers there are out there still believing that all people can eat unlimited quantities of fruit and not gain weight.

Even with this experiment they still can’t believe that someone could possibly get phat from eating raw fruit.

In a recent email I wrote about a woman who gained 70 pounds of mostly fat when she decided to do this experiment in her life.

Yes certainly there are some people who will not gain weight. Initially I did not gain any weight and I ate as much fruit as I wanted.

Heck I didn’t even gain any weight and yet I was eating a ton of raw fat daily. (This was in my early days of eating 100% raw before I knew of the dangers of eating so much fat.)

I used to make raw nut or seed pates that were easily 2,000 calories or more just for dinner and my weight did not budge.

But these days I could not get away with eating like that if I want to remain slim like I am now.

What you may not realize from Andrew’s video is that he was quite thin for years whilst eating a Raw Food Diet.

But he knew that he couldn’t gorge himself on fruit if he wanted to stay that way.

I’ve included some pics below.

Andrew Perlot eating a watermelon.

Andrew Perlot eating a watermelon.

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Of course, we can eat a Raw Food Diet with plenty of fruit in it and stay lean and mean.

But this notion that we should stuff ourselves with fruit is leading to a lot of gullible rawbies getting super bloated..

I’ve seen it happen with many of my raw coaching clients.

I’ve gotten plenty of emails from people this happened to as well.

I’ve seen it happen with a friend of mine. He must have easily put on 30 pounds of blubber by believing this nonsense. He was constantly gorging himself on fruit and paid the price for it.

I’ve even seen it in person with two different women who I was living with that were 100% raw and low fat raw at that. They both could not get down to their ideal weight by eating a excessive quantities of fruit. And one of them started getting phat from not limiting her calories from fruit.

She also initially believed this mantra that you could eat unlimited calories from fruit and never gain weight. I told her ahead of time that would not work.

But she didn’t believe me.

Not until she started getting blubbery from fruit did she realize — this doesn’t work.

Sometimes we just have to experience things ourselves before we believe it.

Also my friend and raw food teacher Swayze Foster has written about in her book “The Science of Eating Raw” about how she also started gaining weight by following this unlimited fruit eating advice.

Also another friend of mine and raw food chef Megan Elizabeth made a video a while back stating how she also was putting on the pounds by eating unlimited quantities of fruit. These days she needs to severely limit her fruit intake if she wants to keep her lean figure.

What’s the moral of the story?

For many people (more-so women) calories do matter. Even if they’re coming from eating raw fruit.

You shouldn’t have to bike 25 miles every day in order to stay thin.

In fact, one can easily be sedentary and stay thin as well while eating 100% raw. But one has to learn how to eat raw the right way.

Of course it’s much better for your health to exercise.

In my upcoming teleseminar…

“Fruited Out No More”

“How to Beat the Fruited Out Feeling Instantly and Permanently with My Proprietary 5-Step Rapid Results System”

…I’ll be showing you a way to eat raw that knocks out cooked food cravings cold.

And that fruited out feeling that many a raw foodist gets will be history.

Certainly there are many factors as to why one would gain weight.

But eating 1,000 or more calories per day more than you need (sometimes a lot more) is an obvious fattening factor that some raw gurus are trying to make you believe don’t matter.

Yah if you’re doing intensive training then you’re going to need a lot of calories. But if you’re only moderately active then you’ll have to eat accordingly.

The key significance from Andrew’s experiment is that he’s been quite lean for many years while eating raw. Only when he started stuffing himself with fruit did he start putting the weight back on again.

Luckily for Andrew his experiment was with raw fruit and not McDonald’s. And he was smart enough to cut it short.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 46-Year Old Teanajer

P.S. If you’re still struggling with cooked food cravings at dinnertime then you need this.

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