How To Avoid Nude Airport Scanning and Radiation

NOTE: This post is a public service message, not the kind of topic that I usually write about, but this is very important for you, your family and friends to know. Because it’s forced radiation from x-rays that can contribute … Continue reading

Another Look at Global Warming

¬†This video came out about 2 years ago and covers information that is absolutely hidden by the mainstream media. Of course, now it’s fairly obvious with the advent of “climate gate” that the whole theory of human caused global warming … Continue reading

Forbidden News – Only Truth Seekers Allowed

The email below is not what I normally write about. But I believe it’s very important for you to know about this if you don’t already. If you’re not interested in the truth and in living a happy, healthy, prosperous … Continue reading

Is the U.S. Headed for Hyperinflation?

Is the U.S. Headed for Hyperinflation? Highly informative video with Peter Schiff. What I really found useful was the discussion of the deflationary tendencies coupled with inflation at the same time. This is making things more clear to me.  Hope … Continue reading

Irrefutable Proof That Vaccines Kill and Cause Multiple Diseases

Watching this video below is going to piss you off. How many of your current health problems have come as a direct result of childhood immunizations? This is another cog in the wheel of our growing Orwellian government. This is … Continue reading