Why Canadians are Slimmer than Americans

On my recent trip to Toronto, Canada I noticed something very interesting. The people in Toronto are significantly thinner than the people in the United States and especially what I see in New Jersey. Canada is very much like the … Continue reading

Amazing Raw Synchronicity Story

Before I share this amazing story I want to share with you that I got a lot of fantastic responses to yesterday’s email “How to KNOW Truth – My Shocking Story” http://rogerhaeske.com/?p=793 Thanks for all of your supportive comments, sharing … Continue reading

Great News – Your Infinite Self is Awakening

I have some extremely exciting and important news for you. You are starting to awaken to your Infinite Self and full potential. That is if you haven’t already done so. And it’s not only you, but everyone around you and … Continue reading

Can Cellulite Be Removed Without Surgery?

==================== Struggling with Candida Albicans, yeast infection or a UTI? Find out more about a quick acting and dirt-cheap solution that’s been suppressed by the medical mafia for over 100 years. I Interview Dr. Jennifer Daniels Regarding… “The Medical Mafia … Continue reading

Another Med Scam: 13K Loose Skin Plastic Surgery Rip-Off

The medical mafia is at it again, they’ve got another way to suck more money out of you by telling you lies. I’m sick and tired of people going through risky and expensive surgeries that are completely unnecessary. In most … Continue reading

Getting Fat on Low Fat Raw – Here’s Why

There’s a myth in the raw food world that I want to dispel. And I want to dispel it because I might have had something to do with propagating that myth long ago. Though I’m not nearly the only one. … Continue reading

Feelin Like an Icicle on Raw? Here’s the Solution

I heard it snowed again about a foot where I live in New Jersey and 21 inches in New York City. I feel for you guys and feel lucky to have escaped most of the frigid temperatures myself. And if … Continue reading

New Discovery Makes Stomach Stapling Obsolete

I’ve been dying to write about this but haven’t been able to because my laptop was destroyed by a virus last week. Sometime just before we left for our trip for Oregon I was talking with my girlfriend Karmyn and … Continue reading

“Let them eat cake”

A famous quote attributed to the queen of France, Marie-Antoinette when the people had no bread to eat. In my case, I was thinking something along the lines of this: "Let them eat bananas" And that’s how I felt about … Continue reading

How to Deal With Emotional Detox

This is a Raw Food Diet related question I received via email from one of my Lightning Speed Fitness Program customers. I was going to answer it on my teleseminar last week but didn’t have the time. So I’m answering … Continue reading