And the Winner of Membership Is

And the Winner of the Yearly Membership Is. I’ll reveal the winner further down below and I answer her question as well. Back on June 13th in a blog post called Question Time: Ask Me Anything About the Raw … Continue reading

Batman Superhero Training

How you too can become a superhero in the next five minutes. Is it really possible to become a superhero? Yes I believe so.   A couple of days ago I went to see the latest Batman Movie, The Dark … Continue reading

Irrefutable Proof That Vaccines Kill and Cause Multiple Diseases

Watching this video below is going to piss you off. How many of your current health problems have come as a direct result of childhood immunizations? This is another cog in the wheel of our growing Orwellian government. This is … Continue reading

Illogical? Eat More => Weigh Less

Did you know you can increase calories and lose weight at the same time? Sound impossible, not at all. I’ll give you some scientific evidence and personal experience to prove my point. The key is the kind of foods you … Continue reading

I’m So Sick of Eating Fruit…

GOTCHA! I thought that would get your attention. But it’s not me who gets sick of eating fruit anymore, it’s more likely YOU. If you’ve tried going on a 100% raw food diet for any length of time you may … Continue reading

“This is a great audio” so says Erik from Sweden

Read this great post from one of my members to find out which audio he’s talking about. Erik does make a few grammatical and spelling mistakes but he’s from Sweden. I wish my Spanish were as good as his … Continue reading

3 Second Abs Disappearing

I believe I’ve come across the greatest ab exercise in history. I find myself doing 3-Second Ripped Abs all day long in all kind of weird situations. It’s the best because you can do it anywhere, at any time and … Continue reading

3 Second Abs Robs the Bank… Washes the Dishes

Yesterday I drove to the bank on a gorgeous summer day and went in to cash a bunch of fraudulent checks. After a while I realized that this was taking waaay too long. The teller was verifying all my signatures … Continue reading

3 Second Abs In Bed

Pay close attention! You try to take care of yourself, don’t you? Then you’ll want to jump on this opportunity to have a strong and sculpted upper body and washboard stomach in less than 10 minutes a day. You’ll get … Continue reading

69 Yr Old Man Goes From 10 to 60 Pushups In A Row

In December of last year, I was talking back and forth by email with this 69 year old guy named Chris. Chris is a proud owner of the Lightning Speed Fitness Program and he wanted to buy multiple copies of … Continue reading