Bring Chemical-Free Young Thai Coconuts to the U.S. East Coast

My buddy Ken Lyle (Dr. Doug Graham’s webmaster and boy genius) is involved in a great project to fight the corrupt food giants who can’t do anything without spraying toxic nerve gas on your foods. Up until now, you couldn’t … Continue reading

The Master Key That Unlocks Huge Potential Instantly

Many years ago I discovered that there’s one master key to any kind of self improvement. Without changing this, nothing changes and you can’t possibly grow. But very often when you change this hidden factor your world can improve by … Continue reading

Stop Worrying… Think This Instead for Instant Relief

Does worry eat you up inside? Are you tying knots in your stomach with fear over the impending Economic chaos we have these days? Maybe you’re worrying about money because you’ve been unemployed and don’t have many prospects. Or maybe … Continue reading

Why NYC Mom Is Needlessly Struggling To Go 100% Raw

Recently I was talking to a very nice woman after a raw food talk. She’s also a member of She has already made a lot of progress with the Raw Food Diet. But she’s been struggling to go 100% … Continue reading

Why Self-Help Programs Don’t Work

If you’re like the vast majority of people, you simply don’t get very much out of most of the self-help training programs you’ve purchased. In fact, many people are collectors of these programs and often don’t even read or study … Continue reading

Top 5 Shocking Fruit LIES Exposed…

This was such a fantastic article written by my good buddy Frederic Patenaude that I just had to share it with you. If you’ve been scared of eating fruit due to reading some of the popular Raw Food Diet books … Continue reading

Only 2 Possible Reasons For Not Exercising, Eating Right or Being Successful

I sometimes have people whom I coach with the Raw Food Diet who are mysteriously stumped as to why they still eat cooked food. They know it’s good for them, they generally like it but they still aren’t 100% raw. … Continue reading

Thank the Greek Gods I Can Get High Again Celebration

*** Cocainercise is on sale at more than a 60% discount. But the price increases every 30 minutes. *** I love getting high the natural way through exercise, raw food diet, meditation/visualization and getting high on life. A few days … Continue reading

Don’t Want — HAVE

Did you ever want something so bad that the more you wanted it the more you drove it away from yourself? Many years ago when I was a teenager I wanted a girlfriend so bad that I actually repelled them. … Continue reading

I Thought I’d be Dead by Morning…

On September 13th, 2008 at around 1am I was having a very uncomfortable dream. The dream had something to do with the Wraith and me having a severe pressure on my chest. In case, you never heard of the Wraith, … Continue reading