What Evolved First the Eyes, Ears or Nose?

Last night or early this morning while I was half asleep, I started perceiving this "mind blowing" concept related to evolution. I wanted to continue sleeping so I didn’t write it down. I was confident I’d remember it no problem … Continue reading

The Intentional Destruction of the United States

Many states within the USA like New Hampshire, Washington, Missouri and more are proclaiming their soveriegnty from the unconstitutional and corrupt Federal GovernMINT. They’re sick and tired of the corruption and no one in Washington listening to the people anymore. … Continue reading

Touch Yourself to Grow a 6 _ _ _ _

What must you be imagining right now? What would you touch on yourself to make it grow? Trust me, it’s not what you’re thinking. It’s even better. Better at least if you want to have the easiest and most complete … Continue reading

5 Lazy Fitness Tips

Too darn lazy to exercise are ya? Or maybe ur too darn bizzy holding down 3 jobs ever since the goverMINT been spending all of your moolah. I know it, times are tough and in times like these you need … Continue reading

The Absolute Easiest Way To Go Raw

I have a secret I want to share with you. Just a few days ago I realized something really interesting. Something that makes it nearly impossible for me to want to eat cooked food. This is the absolute easiest way to … Continue reading

Remove this… & you’ll love exercise and reverse aging at the same time

My friend Matt was really pissed that he couldn’t exercise due to a rib injury. I found that funny since it seems that most people do anything they can to avoid exercising. Heaven forbid they have to park their cars … Continue reading

Re: Can you give me a call?

Wow I’m really looking forward to talking to you next week. Yesterday I received a bunch of great emails from people wanting to speak to me. There were some fascinating stories they shared with me about their journeys.   But … Continue reading

Handsome Costa Rican Beach Bums and Coconuts Story

Fred, his girlfriend and me had just finished hiking up some gorgeous waterfalls and swimming in the clear pools beneath them. It was another glorious day on my Costa Rican vacation.   We decided to pay a quick last minute … Continue reading