2 MAGIC WORDS that brings Joy, Health & Abundance

Yesterday I realized that there was one magical word that was largely responsible for the joy, health, abundance and paradise life that I now enjoy. This secrit word is responsible for all of my success in life. This word brings … Continue reading

Automated Happiness Injectors

I’ve got a quick and powerful tip that can improve your life TODAY. Last week I did something different in my fitness routine and I noticed that I felt euphoric all day long because of it. In fact, I’m feeling … Continue reading

Depression Success Story After 12 Years on Medications

Here’s an inspiring email I received and got permission to share with you. Denis is just another example of how eating raw fruits and vegetables injects happiness and light into your life. ======================================== “How to End Your ‘Dinnertime’ Cooked-Food-Cravings TONIGHT” … Continue reading

Dina’s Depression Not Healed by Going Raw?

I received this email from Dina in response to the email I sent out yesterday entitled “Have you ever felt this fear?” I respond to her below. ======================================== “How to End Your ‘Dinnertime’ Cooked-Food-Cravings TONIGHT” Savory Veggie Stews – “The … Continue reading

Have you ever felt this fear?

Back in the late 1980’s and early 90’s I noticed something troubling about myself. ======================================== “How to End Your ‘Dinnertime’ Cooked-Food-Cravings TONIGHT” Savory Veggie Stews – “The Cooked Food Cravings Crusher” is still in Pre-Release & discounted nearly 50%. We’ve … Continue reading

Re: 18 Ways To Feel Like SUPERMAN (Part 2)

I’m psyched up again today because I just did a mini-workout which included an exercise from the Push-up Blaster program. Vigorous exercise gives me such a great feeling. I’m surprised more people don’t exercise daily. What a high you get. … Continue reading

18 Ways To Feel Like SUPERMAN

I hope you’re having an amazing day. I want to share something really cool that inspired me today. This morning I just finished doing my Push-Up Blaster routine and I thought to myself I really feel like Superman right now. … Continue reading

“How I REVERSED Sunburn AFTER I Got Burned

and Eliminated Muscle Soreness from Grueling Workouts” I was on a great wild dolphin boat tour in Maui with Karmyn and Andrew and I noticed that my chest was starting to get sunburned. The problem for me with sunburn is … Continue reading