Forbidden News Update 12/27/10

A change of pace today. Here’s some vitally important news you may not have heard about if you only watch mainstream sources of news. And yet surprisingly two of the stories below actually made it to T.V. “Price of Gasoline … Continue reading

Feel Stuffed & Satisfied on 348 Calories or Less

“This Common Fruit Will Make You Thin Again” Did you know that there’s a well known and easily attainable fruit that can make you feel absolutely stuffed on anywhere from 232 to 348 calories. And I’m going to reveal it … Continue reading

Raw Mistake Cost Med Student His Life

Below I received a frantic question and shocking story from one of my email subscribers. ===== Dear Roger I need help answering some questions. My family want me to give up on raw diet claiming its too risky for more … Continue reading

Sunlight: Your Skin’s Best Friend

Ah, another sunny day in paradise. I feel absolutely blessed to be living here in sunny Hawaii. Ever since we’ve been in Hawaii I’ve been getting a better tan than I’ve had in all of my adult life. Getting regular … Continue reading