“Why I Haven’t Eaten a Single Fatty Food in Over 5-Weeks”

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The Land of the Large

We went from being the land of the free to the land of the large.This post is a continuation of the previous one that I’ve put up here:

“What Do I Do With All These Stinkin Bananas?”

And I must say this one’s an absolute doozy.

I think you might have a chuckle or 2 before you get through.


“The Land of the Large”

You see this particular Savory Raw Carbs food is lot less calorically dense than bananas and yet at the same time it’s a lot more nutritious. It has a much higher nutrient completeness score than bananas.

I think it’s 55 compared to 42 for bananas. The higher the number the better in terms of nutrient completeness. And for a staple carb source that’s a perty darn high nutrient completeness score.

Oops… I forgot to mention WHY for gosh sakes I was forcing myself to eat that dinner meal (even though I wasn’t hungry) after I had already devoured two Savory Veggie Stews.

Prior to last week (how I used to normally eat) I almost always ate a significant amount of calories after eating my Savory Veggie Stews for dinner.


Actually my after stews course would be anywhere from 500 to 800 calories or so.

I’m not sure why but I was abnormally sore from doing my normal daily workout routine at the park the day before.

And I figured that maybe the lack of calories in my recent diet and the resultant lack of protein was causing me some unusual muscle soreness.

Granted I did a crapload of exercise the day before. But normally that wouldn’t make me as sore as I was.

So I forced myself to eat a more PROTEIN LOADED and low fat raw vegan pâté recipe dinner meal. (BTW, the soreness was gone the next day. Maybe eating that protein rich pâté helped after all.)

And this pâté was made with a different Savory Raw Carb food out of the 14 that I’ve cataloged here:


But this particular Savory Raw Vegan Carb source is super high in protein (19% of total calories)… dense in calories (plus tasty as all get out) and tends to plump me up if I overdo it. So I’ve been avoiding eating it lately.

The thing is pardner… I’m trying to get super slim so that my ab muscles show like lighthouse at night.

Of course you can already see the six pack quite easily but I want to look absomalutely shredded.

And to look super shredded like that you need to have like 3% body fat like pro body builders while they’re actually competing.

… >> “So Dude are you losing some freakin weight or not? Get to the point mealy mouth.”

Huh… Who let you in here smart ass?

And what is a mealy mouth anyway?

Well I am melting the manatee blubber right off of my hips, lips and chips. (OK, well the chips part doesn’t make sense but at least it rhymes… is that a crime?)

I don’t have a scale at the moment so I’m just eyeballing it or rather fingering it.

What I’ve been doing is pinching the skin on the right side of my innie belly button.

And you know what pardner?

There’s a whole lot less of my lard to pinch than a week ago.

… “What’s your problem Dude, you’re already just about the skinniest 47 year old guy I know? What are you anorexic?”

Hey what can I say?

I do a lot of exercise and I’d like it to pay off by me looking amazingly shredded. Yeah so maybe a little bit of vanity on my part. Or maybe this focus on health and strength is a good thing because your body “is your temple.”

At least it gets me to take care of my health and fitness like nobody’s freakin business. And in the Raw Food world… the better your body looks and the more healthy and energetic you are in general… the more people believe what yer saying is a true.

And quite frankly, I believe most people in our former “Land of the Free” are WAY too BEHEMOTHLY freakin phat. They’re so freakin phat but many of these delusionists think that’s normal or even “healthy”.

Did you know that according to CNN 70% of Americans are overweight. And according to Gallup 27.7% of Americans are so overweight they classify as being obese.

And according to this ole teanejero that’s pretty freakin obvious.

Just go out shopping or to any mall in America and you can see the GIGANTICKNESS almost everywhere you look.

“Houston we’ve got a problem.”

We went from being the “Land of the Free” to the “Land of the LARGE.”

We’ve never been fatter.

What has happened to people’s personal weight standards? That has been totally lost since the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. Just look at some old videos of the public. Back in the 1920’s and 30’s virtually everyone was razor thin.

Something changed BIG time.

Not only has our food changed and been chemically degraded but also our personal health standards have changed as well.

In most circles it’s hip to be phat.

As long as American’s and anyone continues to eat corporate created, chemicalized and overly processed foods they’re going to be phat, sick and or heading that way soon.

End of story.

And it’s people that think being overweight is healthy and normal that I call “The Gorged.”

… Well actually dude, being phat is normal in the United States. Your statistics just proved it.

OK thanks for correcting me.

Being overweight and even obese is normal but it certainly ain’t friggin healthy in any way shape or form. And normal doesn’t necessarily mean something is right.

Now getting back to “The Gorged.”

I call them that not because they’re monstrosities. But mainly because they think it’s normal and maybe even healthy to be 30 to 50 freakin pounds overweight.

And that goes for a whole bunch of other countries also “eating” the Standard American Death Diet (SADD) that we’ve exported all over the world. Even da Chinese are now turning themselves into human BLIMPS as a result.

So it’s not just in the United Socialist States of America (USSA).

If you’re overweight and you know it, and are trying to do something about it you’re definitely NOT one of “The Gorged Collective.” Anyone who’s conscious and recognizes they’ve got a problem is not, I repeat NOT a member of The Gorged Collective.

The Gorged actively try to recruit people into their ranks.

But I’m sorry, I’m never going to be a follower of their eat whatever and how much of whatever you want, no matter how many of thousands of carcinogenic chemicals it contains religion.

I actually care about my health and happiness. And you can’t buy real happiness in the form of processed, adulterated and chemicalized foods that fattens you up while at the same time lowering your vibrations.

Yes you probably didn’t know that.

But our corporate foods are also specifically designed to dumb you down, lower you spiritual power and connection to Divinity.


Oke doke this post is getting really long.

The next and last post in the series is titled…

“Why I Haven’t Eaten a Single Fatty Foods in 5-Weeks”

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• What typical low fat Raw Food Diet fruit tends to pack on the pounds?

• Why I eat a certain fruit in a way that no self-respecting Raw Foodist would ever do. None but me mind you.

• And why this ole teanajer had until recently never used the pool or hot tub in our new place here in Arizona.

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