Want to Be In My Book?

As you may know I publish “The Magic Ideas Newsletter.” I’m taking a compilation of the best Magic Ideas and turning them into a published book that will be put into print.

How would you like to be a contributor to the book and therefore have your name and resource box in the book? I’m talking phree publicity for you and possibly your business and websites if you have them.

And even if you don’t fancy yourself a writer you might just want to make a contribution to this book because it’s as easy as writing an email. If you have a good idea, we’ll be able to detect it and we’ll edit your article to make it more readable.

Everyone has some great ideas that can help improve the lives of other people.

Maybe you’re really good at relationships or at organizing things. You can write about any broad interest self-help topic. But don’t send me your golf or tennis tips. Even if you have good business ideas I might want to include them as well.

Here are some sample topic areas:



Blubber Reduction

How to Sleep Better

Time Management

Personal Growth

Law of Attraction

Prosperity Consciousness

Personal Magnetism

Writing Tips

Beating Addictions

Anything that can help a person reach his or her full potential in life.

** Here’s What You Do **

1. So what’s a Magic Idea? First you need to know what a Magic Idea is.

It’s an idea that can improve someone’s life almost immediately after reading it. It shouldn’t require long months of study before you see any improvement in your life.

It’s also relatively short. Anywhere from 200 to 1,000 words in length. The shorter the better… keep it pithy if possible.

Write your Magic Idea article and give it a compelling title. You can send in as many Magic Ideas articles to us as you like.

2. Include your Resource Box at the End of the Article

Technically it isn’t a box, it’s just like a P.S. or where you can learn more about the author. You can leave a link to your website and it should be no longer than 300 words. Make it so that people reading your Magic Idea will want to visit your website or contact you. That’s presuming you want to be contacted.

3. Email it to this email address

support ( at ) superbeing ( dot ) com

With this at the beginning of the email subject line: [MIS]

That way we know you’re sending in a Magic Idea Submission.

If I like your Magic Idea I may include it in my printed book and may also include it in the Magic Ideas Newsletter. If it is included, in the newsletter and or the book I’ll contact you and let you know.

I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing your best ideas.

This could be the start of something special for you.

Make sure to ask yourself this Magic Question to help you generate Magic Ideas.

What things that I’m good at could I turn into a success tip for someone else?

Realize that everyone is good at something and don’t assume that because you know it or that it seems like common sense to you that it’s common sense to everyone else.

You have a goldmine of powerful ideas inside of you. Just be willing to allow the possibility that you do indeed posses Magic Ideas that could greatly benefit others.

Thank you so much for even considering participating in this project.


Roger Haeske

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