Beast to Bo Derek

A number of years ago when I was regularly attending and then leading raw food support groups in NYC I saw a woman undergo the most amazing transformation in appearance.

She went from a decent looking middle aged woman (maybe a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10) to eventually looking like a gorgeous super model or a perfect TEN like Bo Derek in the movie 10.

While she was no beast initially her physical transformation was just mind blowing.

What happened was she went 100% raw and every month or two I’d notice dramatic changes in her appearance. She was always looking more beautiful and without makeup.

Then one day she came to a meeting and she was just glowing. I swear she looked like she was in her early 20’s and she was stunningly beautiful all of a sudden. This transformation took about 1.5 years of being 100% raw.

Of course, she lost some hippo blubber but her transformation was much more than that. Her skin just exuded the radiant glow of youth. The last improvement I saw from her was the most dramatic. I’ve never seen someone change so dramatically in appearance from one month to the next.

My jaw nearly fell to the floor so stunning was she.

When she first went raw she had these big dark circles under her eyes. My friend told her that it was from drinking coffee.

And it turned out he was right on the money. She was a big coffee drinker and hadn’t given that up yet.

Well of course, she wanted to get rid of those ugly dark circles under her eyes. And that was enough motivation to make her stop drinking coffee and go 100% raw.

Naturally, over the course of time those dark circles and bags under her eyes disappeared completely.

If being beautiful and keeping your young look is important to you (as it is to me) then going raw is the ultimate thing you can do for yourself.

You certainly don’t want to injure yourself with botox and plastic surgery.

I mean you can’t do a whole body tightening via plastic surgery. The ultimate beauty secret is being HEALTHY.

Get plenty of sleep, do vigorous exercise and of course, eat the Optimal Raw Food Diet. If you try the Hollywood Raw, Gourmet Raw or High Fat Raw way of eating it’s not going to work because it’s far from natural.

To Your Radiant Health and Beauty,

Roger Haeske
The 43-Year Old Teenager

P.S. Here’s an easy way to start looking younger and doing so without willpower. Simply start adding more raw foods into your diet.

I’d suggest making a breakfast of all the fruit you care for. Make sure to eat plenty so you get enough calories. Make sure it’s as many calories as you’d normally eat for breakfast. Don’t just guess but track it at a free nutrition tracking site like

Then for dinner start the meal off with a raw, low fat, filling and only 192 calorie Savory Veggie Stew or two…

P.P.S. The Youth Restorer Exercise not only makes you younger by releasing extra anti-aging hormones but it also makes you faster and until this Friday at 8pm Eastern Time, I’ll give you the mp3 audio of the Youth Restorer exercise as a super bonus ($30.00 Value) with my best selling Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

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