10/10/10 Childlike Energy Secret Special

I’ve got something really cool for you today 10-10-10.

Recently I discovered an easy exercise (about as easy as walking) that has changed my life. In fact, this very email I’m writing is only possible because of this incredible exercise.

It’s 10:00pm exactly here on the West Coast as I’m writing this sentence and I feel fresh as a daisy… even though I’ve been working all day long.

I actually created the program today and set it all up before I even wrote this email. There’s a lot of work involved in that.

What’s so cool about this exercise is not only does it give you physical energy but WAY more importantly it gives you mental energy, clarity and a feeling of joy.

Even after working long hours it just doesn’t feel like it all. I’m totally refreshed and energized and lovin life.

It doesn’t even feel like I’m working at all.

So in celebration of this once in a lifetime and some people say a magical date 10/10/10, I’ve decided to give you something that will absolutely change and transform your life… all for a mere pittance.

Yeah, you can get the Childlike Energy Secret for only 10 smackeroos.

And talking about numbers. Lately I’ve been having lots of crazy synchronicities with numbers. For instance I’ve been seeing the number 333 come up in all sorts of situations.

So here’s what I’m going to do.

I’ll make the Childlike Energy Secret available to the first 333 people on my email list. After that, you won’t be able to get the program by itself ever again.

You’ll only be able to get it if you become a member of my upcoming Superbeing Club or it will be packaged with other products. But it will never again be sold by itself.

I believe this energy exercise will easily be worth $1,000 or more to you over the course of your life.

Let me explain another reason why it’s so valuable to me. I used to do my work for about 3 to 5 hours a day, do my workouts and then the evening would hit and I just didn’t feel like working anymore.

I’d just get tired and didn’t really feel like doing any creative work at all. I thought this was a normal circadian rhythm kind of cycle.

But this is a thing of the past. Now I don’t get tired later in the afternoon. I feel EXACTLY the same as after having been awake for an hour or two.

In other words, I’m at Peak Performance all friggin day long. This is stupendous…

It’s just amazing the mental freshness and this is increasing my productivity by at least 50%.

Now there’s other things this energy exercise has done for me as well.

I’ve noticed something really interesting. My appetite has decreased. I start feeling full after my first smoothie in the morning. Usually I don’t get this feeling until I’ve downed my second smoothie.

Truth be told, some people are using this idea to melt the excess whale blubber right off of them. But I can’t tell you if it will work for that or not. I haven’t as of yet noticed any excess blubberitis coming off of me.

But I don’t see why it couldn’t help. Since one of the things this exercise does is strengthen and energize your thyroid gland and 8 other glands that secrete very important hormones throughout the body.

Another really cool thing…

All sorts of systems in my body seem to be regulating and normalizing themselves. It’s reverting me back to a more childlike state of health and energy.

The great thing about this exercise is that it isn’t strenuous at all. And you can do it in 5 to 10 minutes a day. I like to start off my morning doing them. And if I ever feel slightly sluggish I just wind myself up with three sets of them and I’m gellin all over again.

That’s what I did tonight just before I started writing this email.

Realize you may not feel any results at first. Most people have to take it easy at first. But within 2 to 3 weeks maximum you should notice some incredible changes starting to happen to your body.

It only took me a few days to start feeling incredible. But I’d already been practicing this exercise a bit.

In essence, your turning the back the hands of time.

So if you’re interested you can get your copy here while they’re still available:


It’s a downloadable video in MP4 format. Length 21:23

You’ll be able to do the exercise right after watching the video or while watching it. It’s really easy. The only requirement is that you can stand up and walk.

Remember, once I’ve sold 333 of them, I’m pulling it off the market forever as a standalone program.

The link I’m sending to you is the order link. There is no website describing the program. The whole description is in this email.

Once you get this, I know you’re going to be thanking me for the rest of your life.

It’s that GOOD…


To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske
The Youth Restorer


10/10/10 Childlike Energy Secret Special — 21 Comments

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  2. Hey Roger,

    Sounds very intriguing–you’ve caught my interest!! Just curious, by “exercise”, do you mean a “physical exercise”, yes? Or, is it a “mental exercise”, or “dietary exercise/practice”?

    Thanks so much!



  3. Hi Courtney,

    It’s not a mental exercise but a very gentle and easy physical activity.

    It’s not really much in the way of exercise but it does involve movement for about 30 seconds at a time.


  4. Hey Roger, is this different than the lighting n speed fitness? Also will the video be enough for a deaf person without and hearing to understand verbal instructions? Thanks

  5. Yes it’s completely different and I just added a written text file which gives the basic instructions.

    Though there is a bit more detail on the video. But with the written instructions you will get the full benefit of doing the exercise.


  6. Hi David,

    You don’t need youtube you simply need to be able to download and play a video file on your computer. A high speed internet connection would be helpful.

    Also there is a written text file with basic instructions for doing the exercise.

    But if you don’t know how to download you’re going to need to learn how to do that first.


  7. Nick,

    The written instructions have been added to the download page as a text file. Just go back and download it.



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  9. Sorry Roger I’m usually better organised. I can’t find the download page. I bookmarked your Savory Veg Stew,Lightening Speed Fitness and Push Up Blaster, but neglected to save this download page.
    My Paypal receipt is : (removed)



  10. Child Energy Secrit Roger I just thought I’d drop you a line to encourage you! The energy secrit thing is powerful!I tried it the other nite and went faster than I should have (31 Reps) and I felt terrible inside and broke out in a sweat in less than 1 minute. I’ve slowed down since, but I know this is a powerful excercise. I also think a person needs to do all the things a child does like tumbling, rolling etc. to stay young. What a very good idea you have. Keep up the good work! Dave

  11. Hello all shinny people!

    Is there anybody who have tried the exercise and would like to say what you think about it?

    And Roger, Have you tried it on other people?
    Is it your own “invention”?


  12. Hi Linus,

    I did include a testimonial in my last email of someone who’s benefited from this exercise in only 3 days.

    Keep in mind it can take a week or two to build up to enough repetitions where you can feel the results. But as luck would have it someone above has left a comment regarding his initial experience with the Childlike Energy Secret.

    And I did not invent this idea. It’s been around for thousands of years.

    And many people are currently doing it much different than I’m teaching here. To get the best results it must be done as I describe it in the program.



  13. Hi Roger,

    I have been trying to order the ‘Childlike Energy Secret Special’ but keep getting the following message when I try to access the site:http://nurl.com/1aigsi
    Your cart is empty.
    This product combination does not exist.
    Don’t know what this means, but please save one for me while I keep trying. Thanks Roger.

  14. Hi Laura,

    The reason you’re getting that message is because I removed the product from my system. We’ve reached 333 sales.

    You’ll still be able to get Childlike Energy Secret in the future, however it won’t be sold by itself.

    For instance, my upcoming Superbeing Club will have this as a bonus and many other incredible bonuses.

    Keep your eyes peeled, it’s going to be incredible.



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