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10/10/10 “Childlike Energy Secret” Special – 100 Sold

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There used to be an old TV game show in the 70’s or 80’s where you could win money if you couldn’t be made to laugh.

They sat the contestants down in a chair and were forced to listen to a professional comedian for about 5 minutes. If they didn’t manage to laugh then they’d win the prize.

Well I sort of feel like the opposite happened to me today.

This morning I did 5 sets of my new “Childlike Energy Secret” Exercise and then after that getting angry was simply impossible. I had a disagreement with Karmyn in the morning. I think I really got her goat. (Sorry my darling.)

Normally something like that could get me a tiffed as well and sometimes really angry. I do have a temper at times.

Though I’m getting much better because I know I’m only hurting myself.

But today was something else, I was simply unable to feel anger at any level. I had so much JOYOUS ENERGY going through me from the childlike energy exercise that thoughts of anger had no possible way to attach themselves to me. I was like teflon to anger.

I was able to notice the possibility of getting angry but the anger thoughts had no way to attach themselves to me.

It’s like the anger thoughts were on a water slide and slid right off of me.

I can just imagine myself being in a different game show where they try to make you angry. If you get angry you don’t win the prize.

That means today I won the prize… YIPPEEE

Heck that kind of sounds like life, because when you get angry you’re actually practicing black magic against yourself and everyone around you.

You lose the game show of life and you start attracting things you don’t want into your life by the very act of being angry.

Needless to say, I was and am (because I still feel it right now at 4:46pm) thrilled with this feeling. Not only do I feel fresh as a daisy all day long but using the Childlike Energy Secret actually makes me feel happy.

“It’s almost like being in LOVE,” Nat King Cole

It’s like having a beer buzz all day long and yet without losing your mental functions. In fact, I feel a high and am at my Peak Performance Energy level practically all day long.

Now you want to know something strange. Just 5 seconds before I started writing this email, I made the 100th sale 10 X 10 = 100 of the Childlike Energy Secret.

And yesterday evening when I was writing this email I looked at my watch for some reason and it was 10:00pm exactly. I wasn’t even thinking about trying to do that, it just happened as if commanded by a higher power.

So I think there’s some major synchronicity going on with the number 10 today and who knows what else is going on from a cosmic perspective.

I think something magical is happening today and maybe this means you should give this Childlike Energy Secret a shot and see if it starts becoming impossible for you to get angry.

Of course this whole special was prompted by the very magical date that today is – 10/10/10.

The videos are selling like hotcakes at a dirt-cheap 10 bucks. There are only 233 copies left before I take it off the market permanently.

If you didn’t for some reason receive yesterday’s email you can get detailed information about the Childlike Energy Secret at my blog:

“10/10/10 Childlike Energy Secret Special”

Or use this link to go directly to the order form:

This will almost certainly be the best investment you’ve made for your health and happiness in 2010. This is really special stuff.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske

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