Anti-Aging Beyond the Raw Food Diet?

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You know it’s funny. Sometimes people get one idea or secret in their lives and they get stuck and don’t go beyond it.

I have 14 years experience with eating raw and over 9 with being 100% raw and yet I get inexperienced people who think they know better because of something they’ve read somewhere.

While the Raw Food Diet gives amazing results in many areas and I wouldn’t give it up even if I got a lifetime free pass to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant and all the Thai Food I could eat, I’ve found there are many other things you can do beyond going raw to reverse the aging process.

You’re only as strong as your weakest link.

The Raw Food Diet is not a cureall. Though it is one of the most powerful things for transforming my body and mind that I’ve ever discovered. I’ve healed many an affliction by eating raw and so have many other people. But by itself it doesn’t heal or fix everything.

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Let me explain what I mean below via part of an email I got from Angela who purchased the Childlike Energy Secret and yet didn’t even bother trying it before asking for a refund. And it seems she didn’t actually read what I wrote about it before buying either.

I’ll respond to her rant below.

Luckily, I’ve already done my Childlike Energy Exercise this morning and so it’s next to impossible to get me riled up. I’m just feeling too darn gooood!


Dear Roger

Child Like Energy

(Doing this exercise) for $10.  You have got to be joking Roger and there has to be more than this exercise,  one can hope,  if you call it an exercise!


RH: Angela, If you actually READ what I wrote on several of the emails and subsequent blog posts you’ll have realized that I never said this is a strenuous exercise. And I made it clear it’s just one exercise done in a specific way.

I don’t think it should matter that the exercise is easy to do. The only thing that matters is results. In fact, most people prefer easy to hard and doing it in 5 to 10 minutes rather than sweating away for an hour.

And by the way, an “exercise” doesn’t have to be something physical either. There are mental and spiritual exercises, etc. It’s just that this is a VERY easy exercise that produces incredible results.

This below comes from just my first email about the “Childlike Energy Secret” which I’ve turned into a blog post –

“Recently I discovered an easy exercise (about as easy as walking) that has changed my life. In fact, this very email I’m writing is only possible because of this incredible exercise.”

“The great thing about this exercise is that it isn’t strenuous at all. And you can do it in 5 to 10 minutes a day. I like to start off my morning doing them. And if I ever feel slightly sluggish I just wind myself up with three sets of them and I’m gellin all over again.”

And below is a comment and my response from that very same blog post.

“Hey Roger,

Sounds very intriguing-you’ve caught my interest!! Just curious, by “exercise”, do you mean a “physical exercise”, yes? Or, is it a “mental exercise”, or “dietary exercise/practice”?

Thanks so much!




“Hi Courtney,

It’s not a mental exercise but a very gentle and easy physical activity.

It’s not really much in the way of exercise but it does involve movement for about 30 seconds at a time.


And note, you’ll definitely feel it in some muscles in your legs if you do the CES as I’ve described. But it’s not the physical exertion that makes it work. This exercise is not about huffing and puffing to get fit or blast your energy through the roof.

There’s an almost magical mechanism in the CES that turns on and revs up your endocrine system to actually make your body younger and healthier on multiple levels.

More from Angela below…


Roger,  you have some interesting claims in your email:

“I believe this energy exercise will easily be worth $1,000 or more to you over the course of your life.”

$1000 dollars over the course of your life, that is impossible to put monetary value on a so called exercise that has NO clinical evidence attached to it.


Roger: What does clinical evidence have to do with anything? Do we need to do a study on everything to figure out if it works or not? Just try it for a couple of weeks and you’ll then know what I’m talking about.

Personally I’ve already earned well over two thousand extra dollars (within a couple of weeks) because of my ability to get extra work done due to this exercise. For me the Childlike Energy Secret might be worth well over $100,000 during the course of my lifetime.

The “$1,000 value over the course of your life” claim I made was actually an extremely conservative estimate.

Below is the continuation of Angela’s email to me in which she’s quoting my email.


“I’d just get tired and didn’t really feel like doing any creative work at all. I thought this was a normal circadian rhythm kind of cycle.”

“But this is a thing of the past. Now I don’t get tired later in the afternoon. I feel EXACTLY the same as after having been awake for an hour or two.”

“It’s just amazing the mental freshness and this is increasing my productivity by at least 50%.”

I find it extremely hard to believe a raw foodist who brands himself as the 41 year old teenager not to have energy or mental freshness all long.

Could this productivity be the result of simpleology?


Roger: WOW Angela, you really need to start reading what I say instead of jumping to conclusions. I clearly stated I was more productive simply because I felt mentally fresh all day long. It doesn’t have a thing to do with Simpleology or any Time Management system I’m using.

Instead of getting to a point during the day where I don’t feel like working anymore, now I feel so mentally and emotionally fresh all day long that I can do creative work at any time of the day (except just before bedtime).

And as I’ve stated above, while the Raw Food Diet is amazing, it’s not the last frontier. There are many other things we can do to improve our lives, health and energy levels.


I had faith that you were supply me with creditable and well research information, but it is obvious that you are not  and are not able to back up any of your content with well founded clinical research.


Angela, I never claimed to provide clinical research on this. Quite frankly I’m not sure from a scientific perspective why this works so well.

But I do know from using it that it’s given me amazing results and I even have a testimonial below from a person who’s been just using this for three days.

But I know you scientific types will dismiss this as anecdotal evidence. Well it’s your loss because it doesn’t take long (once you try what I suggest) to figure out for yourself that this works incredibly well.

We don’t need a scientific study to know that sleeping when we’re tired makes us feel good and refreshed or that eating when we’re hungry is important if we want to have energy.

We don’t need science to tell us that we feel great after exercise and that it increases our “get up and go.” I don’t need science to tell me that I’m looking and feeling years younger ever since I’ve been eating a Raw Food Diet.

I didn’t need science to tell me I no longer have depression as a result of eating just a 50% Raw Food Diet. Or that I no longer get gum infections and a receding gum line like I used to when I ate cooked food.

Below I have some more unscientific evidence of how well this works from a satisfied Childlike Energy Secret customer.


Hi Roger,

Thank you for offering this video at such a great price. I’m glad to have this secret in my hands — I must say that after only a few days my energy is indeed increased, my appetite decreased, and for the first time in many years I am actually tired at night and able to get a full night of rest. I can’t wait to see further benefits when I increase the number of repetitions I am able to do over time.

Please keep discovering your secrets and sharing them with all of us. It is very much appreciated.

Sincerely, Andrea.


Ok, that’s all for now.

Have an Amazingly Energetic and Happy Day,

Roger Haeske
The Youth Restorer

10/10/10 “Childlike Energy Secret” Special – [282 Sold]

Only 333 Copies Ever To Be Released (51 Left) Just 10-Bucks

For More Info –

Or use this link to go directly to the order form:

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