The Greatest Gift I’ve Ever Received…

The Greatest Gift I’ve Ever Received… Can I Give It To You?

Actually, I can’t give you this gift, at least not directly. In fact, no billionaire, tycoon or titan can possibly buy this most precious of all gifts. No one can give this to you. This is the one thing that money can’t buy. That’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news…

You already posses this gift, though you may not remember it or be consciously aware of it. I discovered it a little over 20 years ago. As soon as I had it, it completely blew me away for a whole week. From that day forward, my life was completely different.

Yet, I had (and still have) much to learn about this gift. I often ignored it and forgot about it, not understanding how precious and powerful it was. I suffered much due to my lack of awareness.

Yesterday I recorded a 30-minute audio, which you can listen to below, where I reveal what this ultimate gift is. I also divulge two amazing resources that can help you to maximize the power and increase your awareness of this gift. These are freely available resources to most people and if not free, then quite inexpensive.

Toward the end of the audio, I reveal several techniques that show you how to get this in your life.

When you start to fully unleash and understand this gift (I have not done so yet, I’m only starting to grasp its significance) it will affect every area of your life. It’s the most powerful force in the Universe and you can learn how to experience it in every moment of your life.

When you have this, nothing can harm you. You’ll never again feel sadness, or be alone. It’s what all of us are ardently yearning for. You’ll be in complete command of your life.

Since it’s Christmas and holiday time, I thought it appropriate to share with you the greatest gift I’ve ever received. It’s my ultimate goal in life to help as many people as possible to also have this gift, to discover the Superbeing inside of them. In fact, the desire to share this ultimate gift is one of the ways it changed me 20 years ago.

Please turn up your speakers and listen below by pressing the triangle in the blue box. You can also pause, fast forward, reverse and stop the audio. Or you can download it with the link I’ve provided below. It’s about 30-minutes long.

Or Download The MP3 File Here By Right Clicking With Your Mouse On This Link: Choose Save Target As or Save Link As and Save To A File On Your Computer For LIstening To Later.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske


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The Greatest Gift I’ve Ever Received… — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Roger,
    Thank you so much for sending me The Greatest Gift. I totally agree with everything you say although like you I haven’t yet managed to realize it completely.
    I also agree with about the raw food diet and am making progress towards going 100% raw with the help of yourself and Frederic Patenaude who have given me lots of extremely useful tips.
    I think you are the first person I’ve got in contact with who’s really trying to live the best kind of life. Up to now I’ve known people who were truly religious but not interested in raw food or people who were raw foodists but not really religious. But you seem to be both – congratulations! And many thanks again for your generosity in making so much good and useful information available.
    I wish you a blessed and successful New Year!
    Hilary Teske

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