She Got Candida While on a Low Carb Diet

Many people believe that eating sugar or fruit (in the raw food world) will cause you to have candida problems.

But here’s the funny thing, that’s not really the case at all.


In fact, long ago my lovely Karmyn used to follow the low carb or Atkin’s diet. That worked pretty well for her in terms of dropping the excess hippo butter.

But one time she was eating low carb for about three months when all of a sudden she got a horrible and painful case of vaginal yeast infection. And she wasn’t even taking any antibiotics at the time.

You can read her story here:

So how do you get a candida problem when you’re limiting your carbohydrates (sugar) so much that you’re in ketosis?

Doesn’t seem to make sense to blame sugar in that case.

I also know raw foodists who’ve gotten candida and would stop eating any sweet fruit for up to a year and still they’d have the candida problem.

Are you starting to see that sugar and fruit is not the cause of candida overgrowth?

In any case, it seems to have more to do with having too much fat in the bloodstream.

I know I was able to eat loads of fruit and have no worsening of my candida. But if I ate something as simple as a guacamole where I mixed the avocado with some tomato, then I’d have a candida reaction.

Just the very small blood sugar rise from a tomato mixed with the fatty avocado would do me in.

If I ate the tomato without the avocado it was never a problem. Also if I just ate the avocado itself it wasn’t a problem.

It was the combination of tomato and avocado.

So if you want to eat fatty foods, and you have candida albicans, I suggest you eat small portions of it at the END of the day and don’t mix the fatty foods with anything sweet.

Of course, this throws out most desserts and what a typical raw foodist normally consumes with their fatty foods.

I was for instance able to mix avocado with celery and not have a problem. Cucumber wasn’t too bad either but it caused more problems than just using the celery.

OK, I hope this candida myth busting information was useful to you.

If you want to improve your candida problem try dropping all overtly fatty and oily foods for at least 10-days if not longer.

To Your Radiant Health and Happiness,

Roger Haeske
The Youth Restorer

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  1. you dont get candida from the sugars in fruit. Candida on the raw food diet is caused by too much fat in the blood stream. This makes it difficult for your cells to assimilate blood sugar and this causes more sugar to hit the blood stream. This can lead then causes a large amount of yeast or candida.

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