What it Feels Like to be Free of the Overwhelming Desire to Eat Cooked Food

Have you ever thought about what it feels like to be completely free of the desire to eat cooked food? I know the pain and agony of desire in trying to fight cooked food addiction.

But there comes a time, like in every other addiction, where you break free. You no longer need or want what you were previously addicted to. When you get to that point you experience a new level of freedom.

I no longer feel the need or desire to eat cooked food… and I wanted to share with you as much as possible how that feels. For maybe if you get a sense of how great that feels, it will give you additional motivation to get past your addiction that blinds you to your own best interests.

My apologies if you’re one of the people who’s no longer addicted to cooked food. You’ve already gained your freedom.

Are you letting your perverted version of your taste buds completely run your life? The good news is that raw food tastes amazing. And even more so as your natural gourmet taste buds start coming back to you.

Yes simple raw foods start tasting really good the longer you’re raw and… well I’ll reveal that and much more on this must listen audio.

I realized just writing this article wouldn’t have the same impact as speaking it to you full of emotion and feeling. This audio is a little over 12 minutes long. I hope you enjoy it and that it helps motivate you to start the New Year off right.

Click on the play triangle within the rectangular blue box and turn up your speakers to listen. This audio is a little over 12 minutes long.



Now that you’re motivated to be free of cooked food addiction forever then why not consider a tool that will make it as easy as possible for you to go raw.

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Getting a membership at HowToGoRaw.com also gives you access to the coaching, support, motivational and educational tools and sense of community you need to make going raw and staying raw a breeze. Of course, you need to put in the time, I can’t make it work without your sincere desire for health.

But if you can dedicate 15 to 30 minutes a day for your first 30 to 60 days of going raw, you will likely learn all that you need to thrive and enjoy the raw food diet. This is not just about changing your diet, it’s about mastering yourself.

Gain Self-Mastery As Well

So while you’re going raw, you’re also growing personally. Your gaining self-mastery and learning how to change habits and do it without willpower. For willpower alone never works in the long run. It’s no longer a struggle for me to be raw.

In fact, it would be much harder for me to be on a cooked food diet than my current Raw Food Diet. I would consider that torture. So if you do capture me and want to torture me, a so-called humane way to do it would be to only give me cooked food.

But would I eat it, even if I was starving. I’m sure eventually I’d break down. But you get the point. I don’t want to eat cooked food. As far as I’m concerned, it sucks and it would be painful to eat it. Not so much for the taste of cooked foods but for the incredible damage it leaves in its wake.

If you haven’t yet joined us at HowToGoRaw.com maybe it’s because you’re concerned about the recurring membership fee. Let me give you all the details here.

What About the Recurring Membership Fee?

If you get a three-month membership, the current initial fee is $39.97. But that is only for the first 3 months. The reason being is that I’m giving away so much valuable information that I need to charge a higher initial fee. Otherwise you could join one month and download all of the incredible tools for next to nothing. And that isn’t fair to me. So I make first payment higher than the recurring payments.

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Now if you decide to get the yearly membership here’s how it works. Yearly members are charged $77 for a recurring yearly membership. So for that price you get the extra bonuses that only come with a yearly membership and you get access to the site and the forums for a year.

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To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske



What it Feels Like to be Free of the Overwhelming Desire to Eat Cooked Food — 12 Comments

  1. I like eating raw. I am not 100% as yet but working towards it. I wanted to know i am a black african woman and moving to Ghana in june where its hot all the time. I see that most of your information tend to be for people in USA , or europe. Can you give some advide or information(research) on living in africa or the kinds of foods to eat suitable within that climate. Africa has a lot of malaria and other forms of deseases. I will need a strong immune system for my children and i. so advise accordingly please. Thank you


  2. Thankyou for your inspiring words. I have to get to the stage where I no longer desire cooked food. You are inspiring me to go further.

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  4. Roger, “What it feels like to be free…” audio is a wonderful new year gift. And I will play it often as my new year’s goal is to be 100% raw.
    I also am inspired by Anna Paul who is moving to Ghana, as this has been a dream of mine as well. I do understand that the fruit is plentiful there and if it is anything like when I visited Guinea, West Africa some types of fruit look very different-the mangos are huge and the bananas are plentiful and delicious.

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