We’re Going to Hawaii, Can We Meet You?

We’re going to spend a month on the big island of Hawaii and we’d love to meet you if you live there or plan on taking a trip to Hawaii during the month of November.

I can’t wait to go. We’re really looking forward to the warm thermal pools of water that will be near where we’re staying. And there’s supposed to be a lot of great hiking and of course the beach.

And I’m sure we’ll make a visit to an active volcano.

We’ll be flying in to Honolulu tomorrow November 2nd (election day – go Art Robinson) and have a little over a three hour wait until our flight to the big island.

If you live in Honolulu or in Oahu and would like to share a smoothie with us at Down to Earth or some similar place near the airport, then please email me back at support (at) superbeing (dot) com.

Would love to meet you in Paradise and get to know you.

And by the way, feel free to ask us any of your fitness or raw food questions as well. Karmyn and Andrew will be there with me.

We’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures and videos to share with you.

And while I’m flying on three different planes to get to Hawaii, I’ll be doing plenty Lazy Fitness exercises.

Did you know you can get a full and even strenuous workout while on a plane? I’m talking muscle and strength building while sitting in your chair and other various positions. Maybe I’ll take some videos on the plane.

What I love about doing Lazy Fitness is I feel so much better and more refreshed than if I just sit there and read or watch movies. Lazy Fitness exercises actually give you a natural high. I’ll be pumping it up and feeling ecstatic on the plane.

I’ve used Lazy Fitness successfully on several previous flights.

I also used Lazy Fitness when we drove from New Jersey to Oregon in an used and uncomfortable Uhaul truck. We both used to get so tired while driving that we just had to stop.

But once I started doing the Lazy Fitness I had so much extra energy that it was easy to drive an extra 3 to 5 hours where before I was ready to go to sleep.

Movement and exercise is vital every day of your life. So don’t let plane flight or a long car trip be an excuse to keep you from getting a natural high the Lazy Fitness way.

To get on the Lazy Fitness earlybird notification list just go to this page:


By being on that list you’ll have the opportunity to get the program at a greater than 50% discount. I’ll be releasing it while we’re in Hawaii.

You know… This thought makes me laugh. Maybe I’ll do a group Lightning Aerobics workout — http://LightningSpeedFitness.com on the plane.

Should be a lot of fun either way.

I hope to get some of the other passengers exercising along with me.

This is going to be a fun flight. And I have a lot of cool things coming your way while we are spending time in paradise.

Though I must say that we’ve had plenty of paradise here in Southern, Oregon as well. This is just a gorgeously beautiful place with the most amazing raw produce from the plentiful farmer’s markets and from the farmers directly.

Today is 73 degrees and the fall foliage is in full bloom with lots of red, orange and green leaves in our mountainous paradise.

Hope you have an amazing day,

Roger Haeske
The 43-Year Old Teenager

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