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I just wanted to welcome you to my site and to thank Steve Pavlina for linking here. Yesterday, Steve and I had a wonderful Raw Food Diet coaching session and conversation afterward. I also want to give you an introduction to what I teach here on this blog and through my other websites.

Please feel free to take a look around the blog. My site is more than just about how to eat a raw food diet. Eating raw food and the other personal development concepts I teach are designed to help you realize  your unlimited potential and to unleash the Superbeing inside of you. It’s all about personal growth , self-mastery, self-realization and living the most enjoyable and fulfilling life possible..

The easiest way to get started is for you to sign up for the email blog updates and the Superbeing Secrets Letter on the right hand side of this page underneath my picture and audio introduction. Please take a moment, "stop reading" and register for the email updates. As an added bonus email subscribers get access to my specials on new programs and can get up to a 90% discount. 

In fact, Steve took advantage of just such a discount (Raw Food Diet Success Package)and was able to get over $400 in value for $50. Unfortunately that package is no longer available but if you stick around and you subscribe to the Superbeing Secrets Letter there’ll plenty more opportunties for getting steep discounts.

You still have time to take advantage of another discount I’m providing and to listen to my teleseminar in which I answer the question: Are these Raw Food Diet Misconceptions Keeping You Cooked?

Just fill out the quick survey and as a gift you”ll be able to download the hour long teleseminar in which I dispell many of hte myths surrounding the Optimal Raw Food Diet. And you’ll also have a chance for a discount that I’ve never offered before and which you can’t get anywhere else.

Eating raw foods is an important aspect of living the most enjoyable and fulfilling life possible. I couldn’t imagine being forced to go back to a cooked food diet. In comparison to eating raw being cooked was like a living hell for me. Pun intended.

And it’s a living hell for the vast majority of people who are eating this way.

Recently, I made a 12 minute audio recording which discussed the incredible freedom I feel of being free of the addiction and cravings for cooked food. Once you get free of the addiction to the drug like substances in many cooked foods, you’ll have a new level of health, energy, beauty, vitality, clear thinking and a deeper connection to nature and the spiritual side of you.

It’s literally like discovering the fountain of youth. I’m 40 years old but I look in feel more like I’m in my 20’s. Why look old and worn out when you can look young, healthy and full of zest for living.

There’s a hidden benefit of mastering the Raw Food Diet.  In the process of  giving up cooked food ,  you take a huge step forward towards your own self-mastery. I highly respect anyone who’s been able to give up cooked food and switch to the Raw Food Diet. That certainly takes a high level of self-mastery though not necessarily a high level of willpower.

Most people who aren’t trained in how to improve themselves and change habits, would never even consider making such a change. Yet it’s not nearly as hard as it may seem.

Once you’ve been raw long enough, there’s no willpower necessary to stay raw. It’s only in the beginning where it can be a struggle. But even that struggle can be greatly reduced if you know how to focus your thoughts properly. My ebook, audio Cd and support and coaching programs are designed to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to achieve vibrant health and happiness via the ultimate and only natural diet on the planet, the Raw Food Diet.

I also teach how to create the ideal body without wasting hours a week traveling to the gym with my Lighting Speed Fitness Program.

You’ll be able to create a sleek, quick and super-athletic body with just two simple bodyweight exercises and in about 15 minutes a day. Why waste over two hours a week and waste money on gas by going to a gym to get fit. You have the ultimate fitness machine with you all of the time. You’re body is the gym.

I also publish the Magic Ideas Newsletter.  You too can start making personal breakthroughs in your life in less than 5 minutes.

I also have many breakthrough free audios on this site which you will want to listen to. Please feel free to post your comments and questions below.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske


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