He’s Strong But Couldn’t Put on Big Muscle

Yesterday we had a lovely Thanksgiving here in paradise otherwise known as Hawaii.

We had a bunch of great people over who just love eating tropical fruits of all kinds. I have three more videos to share with you from our Thanksgiving Tropical Fruit Extravaganza yesterday.

One of our new friends was asking me about how I built up my muscular physique. He told me what he was doing and I knew right away why he didn’t look super muscular.

Although I’m sure he must be fairly strong he just didn’t look it.

How you do your exercise affects whether you look muscular or not. You can actually build a super strong body but look almost like an average Joe.

Sometimes you don’t want to put on muscles and you just want to be strong. And what he was doing was great for that.

But if you want to be super strong and also look it, you have to workout in a certain way. Yet he was told that this method of exercising was best for building up big muscles.

What my new friend was doing is bodyweight and other exercises at very low repetitions. In other words they were difficult or heavy resistance exercises like a pistol or one legged squat.

But these exercises are done from maybe 3 to 6 repetitions. This can make you quite strong but doesn’t guarantee that you’ll see much visible muscle growth.

I also know a raw foodist from New York who is a power lifter. And he doesn’t look muscular at all. He was quite skinny. I suppose some of those roid heads would say that about me.

Of course, I would never recommend the kind of high fat, Hollywood Raw Style of diet he was eating. But also being a power lifter (heavy weights and low reps) can make it hard to put on much in the way of visible muscle.

The key to building muscle with body weight exercises is high repetitions. Even if you do bodyweight exercises for building strength, you’d have to do many sets of those to start seeing big gains in muscle size.

The strangest things is that you can build SUPER strength but not have the muscles to show for it. This is great for women who don’t want to look overly muscular but want to have a strong and athletic body.

Late last night I was demonstrating some incredible exercises that showed our guests how to do build strength much faster than even weight lifting. And you can do a whole body workout in ten minutes.

They were amazed at what they saw and one guy urged me to put up a video of me demonstrating some of these super strength exercises.

I’ll have more info on those in my upcoming Superbeing Club.

But for now, I want to celebrate Thanksgiving with you by putting on sale two tools that will help you to build up a muscular physique with simple bodyweight exercises you can do at home, while traveling and just about anywhere.

No equipment, no weights, no gym membership needed.

The first is the Lightning Speed Fitness Program. This is my best selling body weight fitness program designed to get you in pro athlete shape in about 15 minutes per day.

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The other program is my Push-up Blaster which shows you the most efficient techniques for quickly getting up to high repetitions with doing push-ups.

For instance the past 5 days I’ve been doing 500 push-ups per day. My total exercise time is less than 8 minutes to do that many. And the reason it’s easy for me is I can do high sets of pushups over 50 in a row without getting super tired.

Sometimes during the day I’ll do a set of 70 and that’s not really pushing it either.

So if you’ve been struggling to do 30, 50, 100 or more push ups in a row… this program is for you and it’s on sale on this so called Black Friday.


NOTE: You’ll only see the reduced price once you click on the order link which takes you to the shopping cart.

To a lean and muscular new you.

In Gratitude to you,

Roger Haeske
The Youth Restorer

P.S. Here’s what a 70-year old youngster recently told me about his results using the Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

Just want to thank you for showing this place of paradise! Hope you have a great time! I am improving with my push ups quite well. 70 -80 in a row 3-4 sets! Not bad for a 70 year old youngster! That’s mostly the result of your good advice and the raw vegetarian food! Thanks for that!

Greets from cold foggy Austria to warm and sunny Hawaii!



That’s fantastic Heimo. I’m very happy for your great results.

To get the sale price for the LSFP go to the link below RIGHT NOW and click on my picture at the top of the page:


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