Why Your Gym Membership May Be Wasting You Over 2 Hours A Week

Getting super fit, fast and lean shouldn’t take you more than 1 and a half hours a week. In fact, it can take you about an hour a week if you’re smart or in a hurry. How about a measly 15 minutes a day? Think you could swing that?

One of the biggest obstacles people have to getting fit and thin is their own minds. They believe they have to waste money on a gym membership before they can get fit.

They feel they can only workout when they are at the gym. They don’t know how to unleash the power of their body and turn it into a traveling gym. Getting fit wherever they go and wherever they are.

Fitness and movement are life. It’s fun and exciting to move, to dance, to run, to jump and play sports. At least it is to kids. And that’s what fitness should be all about.

About releasing the kid inside of you. Going 100% raw helps in that regard as well.

You can do all sorts of exercises that don’t require a gym or even equipment. I think you’d be startled at all of the possibilities. And heck if you can only workout in a gym, you limit so many fun opportunities to move and relieve stress.

Whenever I feel like taking a break I do a mini 2 minute workout. Now I’m not stressed at this moment, I’m loving what I’m writing otherwise I’d go and do a mini-workout to energize my mind and get me productive and ready to get back to work.

So if you can eliminate the gym and the mentality that exercise is boring and drudgery, then you can do mini exercises all throughout your day. You can even do these while at work and while working.

Why not consider walking on one leg instead of two.

You just turned walking into a fitness activity. When you’re home you can walk or rather hop on one leg, then when you get tired you switch to the other leg. But you would have walked anyway right?

Now you’re regular or routine walking turns into a heart pounding and natural high creating fitness routine. The key is learning body generated exercises. Exercises that you can do with your own bodyweight and exercises that use the muscles in your body as weights.

These require no equipment and they get you fit fast because they aren’t isolation exercises. They use many muscle groups at once. This is another key to making your fitness efforts faster.  Why do 3 exercises when one multi-muscled exercise will actually give you better real world or athletic results.

If you’d like to learn more of these kinds of exercises and you want to drop your gym membership forever, then why not do the exercises in the Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

Fun exercise for life is just waiting for you. You might like this audio recording I made as well. In it I give some specifics as to why I’m able to save so much time exercising by using the Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

How I Reduced My Workout Time By 300%

Below I’ve recorded an audio showing you how I saved about 4 hours per week with my current fitness program. Make sure to turn up your speakers and press the play triangle in the rectangular audio player box below.

 This audio is a little over 8 minutes long. You can also download the mp3 file version of the audio below. Just right click with your mouse and chose "Save Target As," or "Save Link As".


I hope you enjoyed the audio…

How much more free time with your family and friends will you enjoy with two to four extra hours each and every week to do with as you please? 

Your fitness efforts will be more productive and generate dramatically better results when you discover how to turn your body into the ultimate traveling gym with the Lightning Speed Fitness Program

Time’s a wasting; you can get your own speedy fitness results by clicking the link below:

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

P.S. Is your gym membership wasting you over two hours a week? How much time and money are you needlessly spending and wasting trudging to the gym through the ice and snow? We know gas isn’t cheap these days. There’s a better, stronger, faster way to creating a lean and athletic body.

Just take a minute to imagine and feel the ripped, powerful and athletic body you’ll be able to show off when you get my quick and fun fitness secrets.

Do you remember the six million dollar man Steve Austin? He was better, stronger and faster. Why not go bionic and create a body others would pay you six million dollars to possess?

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P.P.S. Here’s a video about the most current and real six million dollar man.


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