Sunlight: Your Skin’s Best Friend

Ah, another sunny day in paradise. I feel absolutely blessed to be living here in sunny Hawaii.

Ever since we’ve been in Hawaii I’ve been getting a better tan than I’ve had in all of my adult life.

Getting regular sunshine is just incredible and one of the many reasons we seek out to live in tropical places in the wintertime.

When I was a young boy I was so incredibly brown on my skin. I’d spend long hours outdoors in the sun with my shirt off. Mostly in summer camp. I did lots of swimming.

And I wasn’t trying to get a tan. But boy was this pale skinned boy dark. I remember knocking at the door of a friend and his mother coming out and just raving about my incredible tan.

Even now if you look at my tan lines you’d be stunned at how pale I am underneath.

Anyways, my point being if the sunshine was so bad for the skin, I should be looking ancient by now. But I’m not and I feel great.

And I don’t use any sunscreen when I go out in the sun. I have an internal sun screen created by bonanza of antioxidants from eating the Optimal Raw Food Diet —

Haven’t you ever noticed someone who just spent the day in the sun and how much of a healthier glow they had?

Yes, they actually look much healthier after being in the sun. Don’t you sense that intuitively?

Often times your intuition is more important than some contrived and falsified study.

Sure some people can abuse the sun and it will prematurely age them. You certainly don’t want to burn yourself.

Exposure to the magnificent sun must be gradual unless you’re already dark skinned.

And if you are black or very dark skinned then you have to spend even more time in the sun than us Caucasians. Turns out my Karmyn was vitamin D deficient and she was out in the sun frequently. But still it wasn’t nearly enough for her dark skin.

So we’ve tripled her sun exposure and her skin is still amazing.

It’s interesting to note that the actual link between skin cancer and sunshine is very weak scientifically speaking. Could there be some money motive like a 5 billion dollar a year sunscreen industry and a gazillion dollar per year medical industry that don’t want you to heal yourself in the magical sun rays?

Hard to believe but oncologists don’t make any money unless you have cancer and vitamin D has been linked to much lower cancers of all kinds. Easy enough to prevent cancer by getting plenty of sunshine and eating a healthy diet —

I don’t know all of the beneficial reasons for being in the sun, but I suspect there are MANY more than just upping your Vitamin D levels. I’m intuitively drawn to the sun and I believe you’re shortchanging yourself if you don’t get enough of it.

But just the vitamin D levels is HUGE on it’s own in terms of the many health implications of being deficient in it.

Why not take long walks in the sun while doing Lazy Fitness exercises.

Or do your workout outdoors instead of inside. I love doing the Lightning Speed Exercise — while absorbing the magical rays of the sun.

Well I hope you can get some sun in today, even if you’re in a Northern latitude. Do your best to get outside even in the cold weather and get some sunshine on your skin.

Hopefully it’s not rainy or cloudy where you are. I know it can be that way for long periods in the North. Certainly had a hard time getting enough sunshine in NJ in the winter.

The sun can make a world of difference in your health, happiness and the youthfulness of your skin.

Now go get some SUN,

Roger Haeske
The Youth Restorer

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