This Aged Me 10 Years Overnight

A few years back I did something one afternoon and evening that made look and feel 10 years older the next morning.

And this is something you may be doing every day of your life that’s making you look prematurely old and ugly.

Something that gives you big black bags under your eyes. Something that gives you wrinkled and dried out prune skin.

In short this very common mistake could be making you look aged way before your time.

Heck, I know a senior citizen or two who DON’T make this mistake and as a result they have smooth and almost wrinkle free skin.

If you’re like me, and 99.99% of the planet, how you look is important to you. So let’s see what caused me to age about 10 years overnight.

My normal daily diet for years has been an Optimal Raw Food Diet made up of raw fruits, vegetables and limited quantities of fatty foods like nuts and seeds.

A few years ago or so I decided to do a cooked food cheat day. I went with a friend to some restaurants in New Jersey and New York City for lunch and dinner.

I somewhat enjoyed the food but it wasn’t nearly as good as I had imagined it would be.

The first crazy thing that happened to me as a result of eating cooked food is that I badly burned my mouth by eating soup. Yet my friend ate the soup and had no problems with it burning him at all.

Goes to show you that the body actually has to build a defense system for eating hot foods otherwise the mouth gets burned. I had not eaten such hot food in years and so my body wasn’t prepared for the assault from the heat.

I no longer like hot foods, but I can assure you I used to.

Now let me tell you how this cooked food cheat day aged and uglified me overnight.

The next morning I could barely recognize myself in the mirror. All of a sudden I had these huge bags under my eyes and my face was much fatter looking.

I must say the change of the appearance of my face in the mirror was an absolute shock. I wasn’t expecting so much damage from eating cooked food just one afternoon and evening.

As the day progressed I also noticed that I had redness under my eyes as well. This was all from just one day of lunch and dinner being cooked food.

The worst part though was the arthritis. Two hours after our first meal which was just a small bowl of soup and a little bread (I didn’t even eat all of the bread, my friend finished my piece), I started getting arthritic pains in my ankles, then pains in my knees, then my elbows and even in my knuckles.

To top it all off I also had constipation the next day.

I never get constipation on my Raw Food Diet. In fact, I often have more than three bowel movements per day because of the high fiber levels of my diet.

Personally, I just don’t understand how people do it?

I don’t think they’d ever eat cooked food if they realized how it destroyed their bodies. But what about the people who know that cooked food is deadly and yet they still continue to eat it?

Who would do stuff knowingly to make themselves look older, be depressed, give them diseases of all kinds and feel miserable?


A drug addict exhibits just such behaviors. They know that drugs are destroying their lives but they just don’t care. The feeling they get from the drugs and the feeling when they don’t get the drugs makes them put drugs as the very top priority in their lives.

Well guess what? It’s the exact same problem for people who eat cooked food.

They’re addicted to cooked food. It actually is a drug in how it changes the mood.

But what cooked food addicts don’t know is how much better they would feel after they’ve beaten their cooked food addiction.

There’s just no comparison as to how much better life is on a Raw Food Diet for me.

The idea of eating a cooked food diet just horrifies me now. And yet I used to be a cooked food addict as well.

At the time I found it hard to believe I could ever enjoy eating 100% raw foods for the rest of my life.

Yet now, I don’t even crave cooked food, I do however crave my Savory Veggie Stews – The Dinnertime Cooked Food Cravings Crusher.

So if you’re not yet eating an all Raw Food Diet then don’t worry about it.

You can ease your way in. Gradually eating more and more raw foods. The more raw food you eat the generally better you’ll feel and the more beautiful you’ll look.

Even just eating fruit for breakfast will give most people more energy and help them drop excess hippo flab.

One of the biggest things holding back raw foodists from staying raw is what to eat at dinnertime. Many people find it easy to eat raw meals for breakfast and lunch but when it comes to dinnertime they feel only cooked food can fill the void.

Here’s how Mariel solved the dinnertime cooked cravings problem.


After several years of ‘messing around’ with raw (good results & bad), your SVS was truly a breakthrough for me. I love my green smoothies & fruit, and even raw veggies & salads. Greens were a problem. I was on a constant quest for the perfect dip or dressing to make munching all those veggies easier. I did not like green soups or blended salads. Too much ‘faux-this & mock-that’ made me sick because of all the fat. I often craved a non-sweet, chewable, satisfying meal. BINGO! You did it! I love the SVS base and have had fun trying different variations. My favorite, so far, is to just sprinkle some frozen organic yellow corn on top with my other crunchies. I’m finally getting my quota of greens. I don’t feel deprived of a ‘real meal’ any more. Thank you!

Mariel Crook


Savory Veggie Stews knocks out cooked food addiction…

Remember, raw foods beautify, make you smarter, make you happier and get you in tune with your higher self.

Cooked food uglifies, ages and dumbs you down.

When eating more raw foods you’ll start experiencing happiness for no particular reason at all.

Raw foods inject happiness at the cellular level.

To a Beautiful, Happy and Healthy You,

Roger Haeske
The 43-Year Old Teenager

P.S. Even the very first time I went 100% raw for just 3 days when I was in my 20’s I noticed a big difference in how much younger I looked. My skin got tighter all over my body. It was like a total body face lift.

Even to this day my friends are shocked when they actually feel my skin. It’s very smooth and soft. Definitely not the skin of your average 43 year old.

I can give you the ideas, strategies and support you need to take you over the cooked food hump. You can ask me any raw food diet related question you have for a ridiculously low price at…

P.P.S. Here’s an email I got from Shana.

Hi Roger,

I’m not the type of person to usually leave feedback or critique anything but I have to for this product.  I’ve been hearing about these stews for over 2 years now and thought they were too much money to invest in and just another gimmick.   But I kept hearing all these good things about them so I finally took the plunge.

Going into the purchase, I didn’t think I would like them, I thought they would be just another raw food recipe with too many ingredients that tasted bad or was an acquired taste, but I had to try it anyway…..because you just never know!

I paid for and downloaded all the recipes then made the Pizza one, following the recipe to the T! I…..was……completely……..stunned!  I took a spoon full from the blender to taste it, preparing myself for the worst but instead I was rewarded with something that tasted great!

I couldn’t believe that that one simple secret ingredient made the stew taste…..incredible.  It’s so simple that it seems silly to call it a secret ingredient, but that is exactly what it is.

I am so glad I bought the program and feel I have absolutely full value for my money.  I invest monthly in RRSPs and I see this as an investment for my body that will generate dividends in my health for the rest of my life.

I haven’t been able to try any of the other recipes because this one is so damn good!  And I’m only using an average blender not the Vitamix….imagine what it will taste like when I get a Vitamix!

Plus you keep giving me new and improved recipes for what seems like every week……sooooo worth the money!  If you can’t tell already, I am very happy I bought this product!


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