Raw Food Ageing Secrets – Strategies to Slowing Down Your Ageing

If you are interested in ageing gracefully and not prematurely fast then this article on raw food ageing secrets is going to help you.   It will show you how to age gracefully at a slower rate than most people age.  You will maintain your strength, flexibility, endurance, healthy skin and much more for decades longer than otherwise.

Believe it or not but Raw Food can even assist your body in reversing your ageing to some degree.  Make your bone density higher, your skin more elastic and smooth, your body more flexible, etc.  This will take some time, however the body can and will regenerate to a healthier body if the substances, conditions, forces and influences that it has been subjected to improve.

Here is an example.  If a smoker stops smoking a pack of cigarettes every day then eventually his lungs will clear up, heal, and become more pinkish instead of the blackish smokers lungs.  His whole health will improve and he will for sure age much more gracefully than if he was smoking.

His fitness ability will improve and in a matter of time he will not puff and gasp for air as much when hiking or exercising.  Why because the lungs have regenerated and are able to absorb oxygen better.

Another Raw food ageing secret is that raw food consumes much less energy in order to digest, absorb, and eliminate.  This is a huge difference for the body because digestion consumes the greatest amount of body’s energy.  Even muscles or the mind itself do not consume as much of the body’s energy than the digestive track does.  Up to 50% of your bodies energy is consumed dealing with food.

If you consume whole fresh raw foods like juicy fruits and tender green leafy vegetables then you drastically reduce the amount of energy your body consumes on nourishing itself.  I regularly consume 3 or even 4 pound meals of fresh fruits and green leafy veggies and in just 10 or 15 minutes I barely feel that I have food within me that is being digested.

So if you eat the right raw foods your ageing will be slower than if you consume cooked foods because your body will have more energy left over for healing itself, recovering from daily stresses, and cleansing itself from harmful toxemia.

Another Raw food ageing secret that slows down your ageing is that raw foods such as fruits and vegetables are some of the highest vitamin and mineral rich foods.   These minerals are also the highest quality because they have not been damaged or deactivated by the high heat of cooking.

Green leafy veggies such as romain lettuce, spinach, celery and such are also super concentrated in what is called phyto-nutrients and so this is how raw foods slow down ageing.

Raw foods provide the body with much more nutrients in a more energy efficient manner so you don’t over tax your body but instead keep it healthy and well supplied with nutrients.

Raw foods contain much less toxins within them because when you cook your food the high temperature splits and breaks down molecules forming all kinds of deranged and harmful substances.

What happens when you toast a piece of bread?  Does it become browner and eventually a little black?  Well this kind of molecular transformation takes place whenever you expose a food to cooking temperatures.

Acrylamide is formed when you expose carbohydrate food like potatoes to high heat of cooking.   Experiments proved that when baking potatoes the raw potatoes that did not have acrylaminde all of a sudden have more and more of it the longer they cook the potatoes.

These substances are toxic to the body, damaging the cells of the body and causing accelerated aging.

One of my mentors is almost 60 years of age and his skin looks and feels literally like a person in his 20’s.  He does gymnastics at least twice a week and his strong is nothing short of jaw dropping for a man of his age.  By the way he also has the same waist line as in his 20’s.

So if you want to age slower, more gracefully then I highly recommend that you consume raw food especially raw plant foods like fruits and vegetables that are appealing to your senses and the ones you don’t have to cook in order to eat.


Lukas Ircha
Health & Fitness Coach / Researcher
Vancouver, Canada

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