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(Note: I added a couple more pictures and more commentary around 3pm.)

This first picture below is actually the only one that had me in it. I took several other pictures that I’ll be sharing here as well. I’m always getting people wanting to see more pictures of me. Somehow people believe things much better when they see them. I’ve uploaded pictures to this blog before. So from now on if a post contains pictures I’ll add a new category called pictures.


To my right is my good friend Frank. Across from us is his cousin Debbie and her husband Ed. We actually did something very similar last year and also at Charlie Brown’s for Frank’s birthday. So this year my raw eating wasn’t the main topic of conversation.

After dinner we went to Debbie and Ed’s house and they had some chocolate birthday cake, ice cream and coffee. And we talked much more. Politics was a big part of the conversation as my Ron Paul shirt got the conversation started in the restaurant. The conversation went quite deep in regard to the nature of the Matrix that we are now living in.

I just hope Debbie and Ed take the time to read this post and check out the Real Matrix below. If you haven’t read that post, I highly recommend it. If you’re not prepared, your whole model of the world could be blown. The question is: Would you rather take the blue pill or the red pill?

What Is The Real Matrix?

They actually had a paper birthday plate for me but I filled it with imaginary cake. The interesting thing was that throughout the whole evening I had not one iota of desire for any of the cooked food in Charlie Brown’s or for the cake and certainly not the poisonous bone thinning coffee. If you have or are afraid of getting osteoporosis, you shouldn’t be drinking coffee.

It was funny, Debbie actually offered me some coffee and wondered if I ever drink it. That’s a big fat NO. I tried to explain to her how incredibly damaging, acidic and toxic coffee really is. I think they were unaware how much coffee ruins health.

She felt she wasn’t a heavy coffee drinker because she only drinks it once a day, whereas she knows people who have five to ten cups a day. I guess to me once a year would seem excessive, so once a day seems horrifying. Especially knowing what I know about coffee.

I told them i would have rather eaten the food you ate at Charlie Brown’s than to drink that coffee. The reason you get the jolt from coffee is that it’s so toxic the body speeds up it’s eliminative functions so that it can get rid of the poison within two hours of drinking it. Drinking coffee in my estimation is worse than smoking cigarettes.

I think last year I had some small desire for cooked food caused by seeing and smelling some of the foods at Charlie Brown’s. But it was quite mild even then. I just think the longer you stay raw and do so with a balanced raw diet, the easier it is to stay raw and not have to struggle with it.

I could go on and on about what we discussed and did last night. It was certainly a night to remember. We had a lot of fun on many levels.

I’ll ad more pictures soon, but I have to reduce them in size first. I had the wrong settings on my digital camera. I have pictures of what I ate and what they ate. I really enjoyed the spinach in my salad which had no dressing on it whatsoever.

More to come soon.

2:54pm: I’ve reduced and cropped some of the other pictures so I could include them here.

Blackboard Menu

Here’s a picture of the Blackboard Menu that was in front of my line of site. For some reason none of that stuff seemed appealing to me. Yet in the past I would have loved to eat those foods. Yes, in case you were wondering, I wasn’t a vegetarian from birth.

It’s actually kind of shocking how little people know about the foods they eat and what goes into those foods and how they are processed. I’d suspect that at least 80% of the women and maybe 50% of the men in the United States would go Vegan if they saw all of the cruel things that happen to the animals they eat. Not to mention all of the antibiotics and other toxic chemicals these animals are fed.

Prime Time Menu

Another example of the main kinds of foods they’re trying to get you to eat. If they labeled it rotting animal carcasses, I wonder how many people would order it. It’s strange the power of labels.

A whole culture brainwashed to believe they need to eat rotting animal flesh.

In the next post I’ll put up some pictures of what I ate and what my friends ate. I’ll also share some powerful concepts to help you get off the cooked food path to hell.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske


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