Benefits of Raw Food – Why Raw Foods Nourish you Best

By Lukas Ircha

I have been consuming a raw food diet since 2004, almost 7 years now.  In this article I am going to share with you some exciting and beneficial information about raw foods.  I have been researching raw food nutrition and several other health related areas for several years.

There are many benefits of raw food, truly many.  So I will choose a few to talk about.

Firstly I will say to you that over 25 million different species of animals consume a strict 100% raw food diet.  They thrive on their type of raw foods and relative to us they are much healthier and stronger than humans.

We are the only beings on this planet who cook our food and expose it to high temperature which destroys much of the nutrients and keeps us from getting the benefits of raw food.

One of the benefits of raw food is that the food is in its original whole condition.  Whole foods are not refined so they will have their full nutrient content.   Since raw food has not be altered by cooking one of the benefits is that your body can much more accurately judged if the food is appealing and healthy to the body.

Eating Raw foods also enables your body to tell very accurately how digestible the food is.  Your taste buds and the cells of your mouth can tell accurately if the food is harmful or not.  This is a great benefit of eating raw foods.

For example hot spicy bitter or sour foods are not appealing sensations and tell you that this is not ideal food.  Sweet, juicy, flavorful sensations tell you that the food is healthy and beneficial.

Another benefits of raw food is that all the digestive enzymes within it are intact and active.  This is a big benefit of raw food because enzymes are one of the first nutrients within a food that get damaged as they are very sensitive to heat, they start to be destroyed at 105 deg Fahrenheit and at about 118 F enzymes are all destroyed.

Enzymes play a critical role in digesting your food.  They break the food down into simpler substances. Without enzymes the food does not digest unless the body creates its own enzymes which is not ideal because it burdens the body heavily to do this.

It also delays the digestion of the food.  Cooked foods often sit in the stomach for hours on end while the body is making digestive fluids and struggling to break down the cooked food.

Another benefit of raw food is that it forces oneself to consume foods that are closer within our physiological foods.  It makes it much harder to consume foods that are indigestible because we don’t have the option of cooking and breaking the food down.

This way you are guided to eat foods which are easy on our digestive system and the nutrients don’t ever have to be broken down by cooking.

For our digestive system foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are ideal.  Even psychologically we are attracted to eat these types of foods.

So lets just say that your body is more guided towards eating it natural foods that it was designed by evolution and nature to consume in the first place.  We have no option to be eating everything and anything under the stars like people that consume cooked foods.

Other Raw food benefits are that it keeps your bowel movements regular and frequent.  Constipation is a thing of the past when you eat raw foods.  This is because the fiber within raw foods has not been broken down and damaged.   Also because the raw foods are high in water content and not dehydrated by cooking.

I had about 2 to 4 bowel movements every day since I started to consume raw foods.

Enjoy your raw journey and I hope you get loads of benefits from eating your physiological foods.


Lukas Ircha
Health and Fitness Coach / Researcher
Vancouver, Canada

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