Can arthritis be reversed? – Yes it Can, Here is How People Have Reversed Theirs

I have seen it with my own two eyes.

If you are wondering about “ Can arthritis be reversed? ” then the answer to this is, yes it can.

I was interning and studying in a fasting heath center for 10 months in Panama with a master guru who owns and runs the fasting health center.  He guides and helps people to allow their bodies to heal and rejuvenate.

Actually it was the owner’s mom who finally came after 20 years of seeing her son living a lifestyle that kept him younger and stronger then people in his age group.  She came to the center and she did a 16 days long fast and she re-fed for several days on a super nutritious raw vegan diet.

Guess what happened to her 20 + year old very arthritic hands and also other part of her body?  Well she answered your question Can arthritis be reversed?

She had very badly damaged hands from arthritis and by the time she was finished with her fast half of her arthritis was gone.  Her hands improved drastically and she finally was not in pain and was able to use her hands and other joints without feeling pain.

She had many other improvements in her health as it was not only her arthritis that improved but much of the rest of her body as well.

You see the human body is an organism that is self healing and always tries to seek ideal health.  It is just that we suppress the excellent degree of health that we could enjoy by having poor lifestyles and consuming harmful cooked foods.  This suppresses our level of health and so if this is why arthritis can be reversed by fasting.

Actually the fact is that most people on a raw diet made predominantly of fruits and vegetables reverse their arthritis.  Raw foods actually prevent inflammations unlike the most “civilized” foods which actually cause inflammation and eventually the formation of arthritis.

Also most people eat salt, spices, garlic, alcohol, pasteurized milk, coffee, meat etc. these “foods” cause inflammation in the body and are full of additives, artificial colors, stabilizers, toxic preservatives and much more.

All of these toxic substances affect our joint health.  These get absorbed into our body and when joints are exposed to them day after day it damages the joint tissues and after years of this abuse, arthritis is the result.

Fasting can give your body the conditions that it needs and the energy and time that it needs to heal, rejuvenate and detoxify itself as it is not burdened with normal day to day energy drains like digestion, mental activity, and physical activity.  Our body has a fantastic ability to repair and cleanse itself if given the right conditions to do so.

Eating raw whole fruits and vegetables as a majority of your diet will for sure help loads with your arthritis.  There are many raw fooders that use to have arthritis and have completely eliminated it.

So yes arthritis can be reversed and improved, even if you had severe arthritis for a long time.  It will need some doing, doing something else then the lifestyle that one has been living that has caused it in the first place.

Lastly I will give you this food for thought.  Nature or God has not designer or created any species to have and live with arthritis, that would be a cruel trick of nature.  Arthritis is just a consequence or shall we say a report card with a F of the modern unhealthy diets and lifestyles people lead today.

So the answer to the questing ” can arthritis be reversed? ” is yes, but one has to do the right things and make a change in what they are doing because what they use to do brought them the arthritis disease.  So something else has to be done.

Wish you much success with your arthritis.

All the best,

Lukas Ircha
Health & Fitness Coach / Researcher
Vancouver, Canada


Can arthritis be reversed? – Yes it Can, Here is How People Have Reversed Theirs — 7 Comments

  1. i injured my hips and have arthrius as a result keeps getting worse..
    for the most part i eat raw foods but worry that im not getting all my nutrients please help

    • Please can you help me,I need to come to your center please let me know how to travel there my friend need help badly before she do something bad she have hip pain ,itching ,stomach pain ,ect

  2. Osteoarthritis in my 60+ year old knee was so bad walking more than a few hundred feet was utter torture due to pain. Doctors said arthritis damage could not be reversed but pain might be reduced.

    Went to my wife’s doctor, who had a marine corps background, and he told me he saw the damage in badly damaged knees reversed in enough cases to believe it was possible (possible, but not easy or guaranteed).

    Radically changed my diet, started rigorous daily exercise routines based on a variety of activities, and arthritis pain and complications are now totally gone. Even the bad injuries suffered during exercise (from karate and soccer routines) eventually went away.

  3. I am a female,59 years of age with mild arthritis is my knees and ankles, a bit overweight, please coach me to eat healthy, stay young and free from sickness. Both my parents were diabetic. Looking forward to your kind help. I am a african/jamaican

  4. Am s woman aged 30 n diagonised with athritis.plse advise me how to deal with it.its on my hip n I suspect its also on my knee

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