Going Raw is Easier Than you Think

Going raw means that a person decides to eat more quantity of whole fresh uncooked foods than they have consumed before.  As long as a person has this mind set of eating some raw foods and is looking forwards to eating more fresh raw foods than this to me means that the person is going raw.

You don’t have to consume 100% raw foods or even 75% raw foods in order to be going raw.  Sure the more raw foods you eat the healthier your nutrition is going to be.   Anyone can start at any point and work on eating more raw foods and less cooked foods.

It is important to be comfortable with whatever changes you make within your nutrition.  I recommend that people make only changes which they are willing to maintain for life.  It helps no one to jump into 100% raw when it makes you worry and be uncomfortable.  I don’t care what changes you make that are temporary what counts is the changes one makes that are long term can improve your health for life.

It is not about the speed at which you go raw but the direction.  If you got the direction right then it is just a matter of time before you will get to your destination.  In this case the direction is the desire to consume more raw foods bit by bit.

Going raw can be fun and it also allows you to eat a large variety of different foods.  In the raw food diet we have many different types of foods available which are appealing to our senses and digestible by our body.  These are:

Acid fruits
Sub acid fruits
Non acid fruits ( sweet fruits with very little acid content )
Fatty fruits
Green leafy vegetables

Plus you can also eat all kinds of other raw foods that are bit harder to digest or may not be as appealing to your senses.  These are:

Root vegetables ( carrots beats etc. )
Flowers ( cauliflower, broccoli etc. )
Sprouts (sprouted seeds, legumes, grains)
Sea vegetables ( sea weeds )

There are many different kinds of foods within each category of raw foods.  Over the course of a year one can easily consume several dozens or even 100 different types of foods.

When you are going raw a person can even consume several different varieties of individual food.  For example one can consume yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, orange tomatoes, purple tomatoes, grape tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes etc.  So going raw actually gives you a large variety of foods to choose from.

Going raw also gives you a good edge in that it will automatically guide you to consume foods which are appealing to your body’s senses and are easily edible and digestible.

I have been going raw since summer of 2004 and I have found that with each year that passes I learn more wealth of information that makes it easier to stay raw with each passing year.  The body becomes stronger and healthier with each passing year.  Lots of things improve year by year like your ability to digest and absorb nutrients, your taste buds become more acute, your energy and strength level goes up etc.

I hope you choose to go raw also and improve your nutrition and start building a stronger and healthier body.

Enjoy the journey.

Lukas Ircha
Health & Fitness Coach / Researcher
Vancouver Canada

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