Does Eating Cooked Food Make You Delusional?

The other night I was talking on the telephone to a friend of mine. At one point we brought up a topic from one of my previous posts named "Remove this… & going raw will be automatic" which postulated that if you removed the taste buds from the equation most people would then naturally switch to eating raw foods because they knew it was healthier for them.

My friend however was telling me that for him it wasn’t the taste of the food it was something else entirely. Now mind you, I’m quite open to anyone’s reasons as to why they don’t want to switch to a Raw Food Diet.

I even made a survey to see what the big obstacle was for my readers in being able to go raw and enjoy it. The number one reason by far was the taste.

People are simply used to eating their favorite cooked foods. They’re not used to making the bulk of their diet from fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. So they have a hard time imagining that eating this way could be as satisfying for them as eating cooked foods.

Granted taste is not the only issue. There’s another major issue and that is emotions. It’s not just the taste of the cooked foods but also how they make you feel.

And I believe the good feelings people get are mostly associated with emotions. The key idea to understand is that cooked foods are highly stimulating. They stimulate you into a new emotional state.

Therefore, you will naturally create a strong emotional bond with eating. Heck this even happens when eating raw foods. Eat raw long enough and you can associate emotions with the raw foods.

But I must admit the whole process is quite different with raw foods. For me it’s almost a feeling of liberation from food itself. Though I still need to eat, I don’t crave it as much as I used to.

I’m quite satisfied with what I eat, but I don’t have incredible craving to eat like I used to in my cooked food days.

I remember an old ex girlfriend telling me to be patient for dinner. But when I got hungry felt the need to eat immediately. Later on I learned that wasn’t true hunger, it was more likely detoxification symptoms.

As your body detoxifies itself, the toxins are reintroduced into your blood stream and they create an emotional reaction inside of you. Then once I had that reaction I wanted more of it. So I really don’t think it was hunger causing me to want to eat so incessantly.

These days I can skip a meal by many hours and barely notice it. At least in terms of feeling really hungry. Of course, I still need to eat to give me fuel and nutrients, it’s just the urge or desire to eat is much less than in my cooked food guzzling days.

Delusional Thinking: Does Cooked Food Cause It?

No getting back to my friend and the conversation we had. My friend was telling me that taste had nothing to do with his reasoning for not eating cooked food. (Of course, this turned out to be false, as I’ll explain later.)

He said he just didn’t feel as good after eating raw foods. Now here’s where the delusion comes in. I’ve eaten many meals with him. Cooked food meals and raw meals. We’ve eaten at restaurants, at parties and at friends houses.

I know his past behaviors. And I know when he likes a food and when he doesn’t. I know with 100% certainty that he likes the flavor of certain foods and less so with others. Sometimes I’ve made him food and he loved it and sometimes I get a polite, no comment. I’ve been out with him when he’s raved about someone’s cooking.

 When he really likes a food, he tells me. And you know what. He tells me as he’s eating the food. Not just after he’s digested the food. Of course he loves it when something tastes good. To not admit that is in my opinion, a bit delusional.

See the problem here I believe is a deluded individual trying to defend his stance of not fully switching to a raw food diet. He has to come up with some reason.

In order for him to stay cooked. He almost has to deny the constant evidence of great results he’s seen in me and all of the other raw foodists he’s met through me.

Now getting back to the delusion or what I would call impaired logic. I remember once he told me, that he would easily go raw if he had a raw food chef preparing all of his meals. This was after I made him a raw food meal he raved about.

So how could it have nothing to do with taste if previously he admitted that he would eat an all raw food diet if he had a personal chef?

Now part of his problem could be that he’s losing his memory. Unfortunately he forgets a lot of stuff he used to be able to remember. I wonder how much his cooked food diet had to do with his memory loss?

Of course, he has all sorts of health and dental problems and he still doesn’t really think they have to do with diet. I can only conclude that the cooked food diet, coffee and other toxic substances he takes in, has separated him from his common sense.

There’s no question that the thinking becomes clearer on a Raw Food Diet. There’s no question that aging slows to a crawl on an Optimal Raw Food Diet. There’s no question that all sorts of healings take place on a Raw Food Diet.

All of these things and many more my friend has been witness too. But I think he conveniently forgets many things. And so yes he may not feel as good after eating some raw foods. There can be some detoxification and body adjustment reasons for that too happen.

And it can also be the lack of stimulation he’s getting. After all he is a coffee addict as well. But I can tell you this. Ask just about any long term raw foodist, who’s tried to have a cooked meal or two after being 100% raw for a least a few months.

They always give you a similar conclusion. Either the food wasn’t as good as they expected or it tasted really good. But the only pleasure for them was while it was in their mouth. The pain and negative side effects started happening once they started trying to digest this toxic crap.

Once the food got to the throat it was all downhill from there.

The joy of eating raw is that you can love the flavors of what you’re eating and you still feel energetic and happy after eating. That won’t happen to a raw foodist eating a cooked meal.

Their body will give them all kinds of signals that it doesn’t like what it just ate. Those signals can be all sorts of bodily pains and even getting a cold or feeling really tired, etc.

But if this person were to go back to eating cooked foods every day, eventually their body would give up and stop fighting the constant onslaught of toxins.

It’s just like the person who never smoked a cigarette before. Their first one will make them choke and feel horrible. But if they keep on smoking their body gets used to it and stops giving them a negative reaction.

This isn’t a positive health symptom. This is a sign of decreasing vitality. You want your body to immediately tell you when something is wrong.

It’s biofeedback and it’s a highly effective training mechanism. That’s also the brilliance of staying 100% raw for at least 30 to 60 days in a row. That will give most people enough time so that their body has adjusted to the new nutrients and fibers in the raw foods.

Their body will be in major healing and repair mode. The whole body being rebuilt with stronger building materials while the excess toxins are being removed rapidly.

Then when that fateful day comes when they want to try cooked food again comes, they find that their body rejects it.

Mentally and emotionally, they might want to eat cooked food, but their body makes them so sick they don’t want to have any part of it anymore. After their incredibly dry cooked meals they crave eating fruits. I’ve seen this happen to so many people. In this case, your body is making it easier for you to stay raw.

I hope you found this information useful in your quest for clarity, health and truth.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

P.S. I’d love to help it make it as easy as possible for you to regain your youth, heal yourself and to have high energy levels. You can experience paradise health and a paradise state of mind.

Come and join our raw food family at Going raw is much easier when you have a raw food mentor. Let me be your mentor.


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  1. Your guie to eating raw ood is amazing and i am trying to learn how to eat healthy raw food to the maximum. I need to know if Cartilage around the knee joint can grow back and what are the raw foods which help.

  2. what a great site! i totally know what you’re talking about. i recently sort of became raw by accident, i just realized i have been eating exclusively raw for about 4 months, and i went out with a friend to dinner the other night – after the cooked foods i felt extremely ill, bloated, with indigestion and a dehydrated feeling. i’m happy my body is so fine tuned to this kind of thing now =)

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